The Relationship Between Fatigue And Mental Health Discussion

The Relationship Between Fatigue And Mental Health Discussion

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Case Overview

Addressing Ms. Altman’s complaints of increased fatigue and weakness requires a comprehensive and evidence-based approach. While the provided laboratory results show normal blood count, renal function, and albumin levels, it is crucial to consider other potential causes of fatigue.

Approach Of Patient Case

Begin by taking a thorough medical history, including the onset, duration, and progression of symptoms. Inquire about lifestyle factors, sleep patterns, stress levels, and any recent changes in Ms. Altman’s life (Russell et al., 2019)The Relationship Between Fatigue And Mental Health Discussion. Evaluate Ms. Altman’s current medications, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, to identify potential side effects or interactions that may contribute to fatigue. Conduct a detailed physical examination to identify any signs of underlying medical conditions that may not be evident in the laboratory results.


Given that fatigue can be associated with mental health conditions, assess Ms. Altman’s mental well-being (Fidao et al., 2021). Consider anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders that might contribute to her symptoms. Evaluate Ms. Altman’s dietary habits and exercise routine. Poor nutrition or lack of physical activity can contribute to fatigue. Assess Ms. Altman’s sleep patterns and quality because Sleep disorders or inadequate sleep can significantly impact energy levels.

Investigate potential systemic disorders that may present with fatigue For instance, research on chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, thyroid disorders, and autoimmune diseases can provide insights. This may involve further testing based on the clinical presentation (Kuppuswamy, 2022)The Relationship Between Fatigue And Mental Health Discussion. Consider involving specialists based on the findings. This might include consulting with a rheumatologist, endocrinologist, or a sleep specialist, depending on the suspected underlying cause. Provide Ms. Altman with information about potential causes of fatigue and involve her in the decision-making process for further investigations and interventions. Implement a plan for follow-up appointments to monitor progress and adjust interventions accordingly.


Fidao, A., De Livera, A., Nag, N., Neate, S., Jelinek, G. A., & Simpson-Yap, S. (2021). Depression mediates the relationship between fatigue and mental health-related quality of life in multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis and related disorders47, 102620.

Kuppuswamy, A. (2022). The neurobiology of pathological fatigue: new models, new questions. The Neuroscientist28(3), 238-253.

Russell, S., Jenkins, D., Rynne, S., Halson, S. L., & Kelly, V. (2019). What is mental fatigue in elite sport? Perceptions from athletes and staff. European journal of sport science19(10), 1367-1376. The Relationship Between Fatigue And Mental Health Discussion

Ms. Altman, a 68-year-old woman, comes to see her nurse practitioner complaining that she is far more tired than usual and feels weak a lot lately. Laboratory tests turn up the following.

• Hemoglobin: 13.4 g/dL

• Hematocrit: 41%

• White blood cell (WBC) count: 6.25 x 109/L

• Platelets: 300 x 109/L

• Red blood cell (RBC) count: 4.1 x 1012/L

• Blood urea nitrogen (BUN): 20.4 mg/dL

• Serum creatinine: 1.2 mg/dL

• Serum albumin: 4.1 g/dL

Discuss how you would address the patient’s concerns.

Please include EBP, research studies, and/or reliable electronic sources to support your arguments.

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