The Safety And Quality Of Healthcare Assignment Paper

The Safety And Quality Of Healthcare Assignment Paper

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Nurses play a significant role in encouraging the adoption and use of evidence-based practices to improve patient outcomes, safety, and the quality of healthcare. Keeping women NPO (nil per os) during active labor is a longtime medical practice. With advances in healthcare, there is a need to re-evaluate empirical research in support of the continuity of the practice or change of guidelines. Abdi and Cooper (2021) asserted that keeping women NPO during labor was advocated to reduce the risk of aspiration of ingested foods in cases of emergency anesthesia. Research has revealed that the risk of aspiration is negligible when women in active labor are permitted to take some foods and drinks under medical supervision. Akyıldız et al. (2021) established that allowing women in active labor to drink light fluids if need be would help to rejuvenate them as labor drains a lot of energy. Shea-Lewis et al.’s (2018) study on the safety of oral intake during labor established that it does not result in adverse maternal outcomes. The Safety And Quality Of Healthcare Assignment Paper


The innovative idea to conduct research on NPO during labor and allow women to make decisions about whether to take fluids is good and promotes patient-centered care. However, allowing women in labor to make decisions on oral intake will require them to be informed of the professional recommendations, risks, and benefits involved. To understand current professional guidelines on NPO during active labor, it is necessary to conduct research with interested participants identified. The patients in the two groups (those who had oral intake and those who did not) were monitored. The findings from the research will inform oral intake safety during active labor and can be used to change expert recommendations when evidence is presented to professional bodies. I would not make changes to their approach, as evidence-based research is the best way to promote best practices in healthcare. The Safety And Quality Of Healthcare Assignment Paper


Abdi, M., & Cooper, K. (2021). Hydration and Nutrition during Labor.

Akyıldız, D., Çoban, A., Gör Uslu, F., & Taşpınar, A. (2021). Effects of Obstetric Interventions during Labor on Birth Process and Newborn Health. Florence Nightingale journal of nursing29(1), 9–21

Shea-Lewis A, Eckardt P, Stapleton D. CE: Original Research: An Investigation into the Safety of Oral Intake During Labor. Am J Nurs. 2018 Mar; 118(3):24-31. doi: 10.1097/01.NAJ.0000530913.80349.53. PMID: 29424752.


Scenario: You are the nurse educator on the labor and delivery floor in your large, urban hospital. Standard practice in your unit is that women are not allowed to eat or drink once they are in active labor. The labor and delivery unit staff wonder whether there is evidence to support this practice. You decide you’re going to engage in an EBP project to search for the Answer. After creating a PICOT question, searching, appraising, and synthesizing the body of evidence, you discover the evidence doesn’t support keeping women NPO during labor. In spite of having a strong body of evidence that supports allowing women to decide whether or not they want to eat and drink during labor, the obstetricians and anesthesiologists’ professional organizations recommend keeping women NPO during labor in their practice guidelines. Although the nurses and doctors wanted to follow the evidence, the doctors are hesitant. They decide to be innovative, so they create a research study exploring the impact of eating and drinking during labor. Laboring women were offered the opportunity to opt into the research study or not, allowing them to decide whether or not they are able to eat and drink during labor.


To Prepare: The Safety And Quality Of Healthcare Assignment Paper

Reflect on the scenario above.
Post a brief description of the general literature on keeping women NPO during labor. Be specific and cite specific supporting literature. Additionally, answer the following questions:
1. What do you think of the innovative approach the nurses and doctors on your labor and delivery unit decided to take?
2. Is there anything you might do differently? The Safety And Quality Of Healthcare Assignment Paper

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