Transition From Clinical to Academic Education Assignment Paper

Transition From Clinical to Academic Education Assignment Paper

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The transition to an academic role from a clinical one can be challenging and fascinating at the same time for new faculty members with restricted knowledge of the academic setting. There are various issues and experiences that these faculty members may face during the metamorphosis. For instance, they might face teaching challenges since some may lack the pedagogical experiences to create and dispatch effective and successful lectures, create course resources, and engross learners in the learning procedure. Additionally, managing and controlling a classroom and dealing with different learners may be unconventional territory for faculty coming from a clinical role. Transition From Clinical to Academic Education Assignment Paper

Another issue is developing professional links. Instigating links with peers in the new environment, across the institution, and within the department is essential, and it may take time. This implies that the new faculty member should find mentors who can offer direction on steering through the academic setting. Novice faculty members should seek their peers’ assistance to avoid the vagueness of functions (AlKarani & Ibrahem, 2021).


Furthermore, for members shifting from a clinical role, engrossing in academic research can be a new experience. The faculty may encounter issues in designing research queries, obtaining funding, and steering ethical guidelines for publishing. This shift encompasses obtaining expertise and balancing research duties with clinical ones, which can be primarily difficult as they try to initiate a valid research schedule within the academic environment. Transition From Clinical to Academic Education Assignment Paper

Lastly, these new members may face committee assignments and administrative responsibilities that might have been part of their clinical duties. They might participate in meetings and other administrative duties. Moreover, comprehending the governance framework and institutional processes and policies may be uncommon, and balancing the teaching, administrative, and research duties needs successful time management and control and comprehension of the wider academic circumstances within the learning organization.


AlKarani, A. S., & Ibrahem, A. A. (2021). Factors motivating nurses to transition from clinical to academic education. King Khalid University Journal of Health Sciences6(1), 57-62.

Hi class. “What are the experiences of new faculty with limited knowledge of the academic environment as they transition from a clinical role to an academic one” (NLN, 2007, p.164). Transition From Clinical to Academic Education Assignment Paper

Reference: NLN. (2007). Nurse educator competencies: Creating an evidence-based practice for nurse educators. J. A. Halstead (Ed.). NLN.

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