Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Discussion Paper

Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Discussion Paper

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1. Review the attached presentation on Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children. There are four “Questions to Consider” toward the end of the slides. Formulate a response that addresses those statements and also provides a BRIEF reflection response to the presentation that includes at least 2 scholarly APA-cited sources regarding “motivational interviewing”. Your post should have thoughtful content and at least two peer-reviewed references (your textbooks do not count)Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Discussion Paper.


2. References MUST be written out in APA style. These responses are graded.

This is going into a discussion board. This assignment is not an APA paper it just needs to have APA citations for the sources and provide the APA reference citation at the end of it.

Coping Skills for Children 3-18 Years Old

Adapted coping mechanisms are essential for this age range. Including age-appropriate techniques like play therapy, art therapy, and mindfulness exercises can support kids in properly expressing and managing their emotions (Fairfax et al., 2019)Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Discussion Paper. Teaching kids’ communication and problem-solving techniques also gives them the ability to overcome obstacles.

Cultural Considerations

One strength of TF-CBT is its cross-cultural flexibility. But cultural awareness is essential. The model’s efficacy is increased by acknowledging a range of family engagement views, addressing potential obstacles, and tailoring interventions to fit cultural norms.

Presentation of PTSD in Children 3-18 Years Old

Though they can vary, symptoms can include regression, behavioral problems, nightmares, and trouble focusing. It’s critical to use resources like the Child PTSD Symptom Scale, Child Stress Disorders Checklist, and teacher observations to spot symptoms like persistent avoidance or hyperarousal (Cui & Chui, 2021).

Effectiveness of TF-CBT

There is substantial empirical support for TF-CBT, particularly in terms of lowering symptoms of PTSD in kids and teenagers. Its efficacy in treating co-occurring disorders like depression or behavioral issues, however, is less certain. TF-CBT adaptation for people with cognitive impairments demonstrates continuous efforts to increase the scope of its application.

In light of the presentation, motivational interviewing can enhance TF-CBT, although not being fully discussed. It supports caregivers’ and kids’ engagement and is consistent with TF-collaborative CBT’s methodology. By strengthening the therapeutic partnership and encouraging self-efficacy, motivational interviewing strategies can improve the quality of treatment outcomes. Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Discussion Paper



Cui, X., & Chi, X. (2021). The relationship between social support and internet addiction among Chinese adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multiple mediation model of resilience and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Psychology Research and Behavior Management, 1665-1674.

Fairfax, A., Brehaut, J., Colman, I., Sikora, L., Kazakova, A., Chakraborty, P., … & Canadian Inherited Metabolic Diseases Research Network. (2019). A systematic review of the association between coping strategies and quality of life among caregivers of children with chronic illness and/or disability. BMC pediatrics19, 1-16. Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Discussion Paper

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