Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper

Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper

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A BILL to amend and reenact § 54.1-2910.3:1 of the Code of
Virginia, relating to Medicaid participants; treatment
involving prescription of opioids; payment.
The bill will prohibit healthcare providers from requiring
Medicaid recipients to pay out-of-pocket costs for some
opioid-related treatment. This bill will cover the prescription for pain management and the prescription of Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper


buprenorphine-related products, methadone, and other
opioids replacements that have been approved by the US
Food and Drug Administration for treatment of opioid
addition. The bill further requires that the healthcare
providers who do not participate in Medicaid to offer
written notice to the Medicaid recipients providing
information that their services are covered by the Medicaid and that the provider does not participate in Medicaid. Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper
The United States has been experiencing an epidemic of opioid use
disorder, opioid overdose hospitalizations and deaths. As a result, the
Department of Health and Human Services declared it a “Nationwide
Public Health Emergency” to enable a multisector response from different
sectors including health care, public health, and safety agencies (Hedberg,2019). This prompted the need for enhanced opioid use disorder (OUD)
treatment. In their study Kravitz-Wirtz et al. (2020), fatal drug overdoses
increased notably over the last two decades, with the two-thirds of all drug overdose fatalities being involved with opioid.Key Issues
Treatment Involving
Prescription of
Opioids in Virginia
The costs associated with opioid treatment is a significant barrier to
access for Medicaid recipients.
Pharmacological-based treatment is an effective treatment for
opioid addiction.
Healthcare provider who do take Medicaid tend to reluctant to
accommodate Medicaid recipients due to lower reimbursement
rates.It is important to support the bill due to its impact on increasing access toaffordable opioid-related treatments.
It is crucial to encourage healthcare providers to take part in Medicaid
since it helps ensure that all Medicaid recipients receive the care that
they need. Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper

NUR703 Fact Sheet/ Infographic Assignment 

The point of a fact sheet is to get the reader to do something. For instance, you want to make it as easy as possible for the reader to take your action on a healthcare policy or legislative issue. Additionally, if you want the reader to make a call, give appropriate phone numbers. If you want a legislator to vote yes on a bill, give the bill number and title. For this assignment, prepare a one-page fact sheet on a specific piece of healthcare legislation currently being considered in your state. Provide a brief executive summary and identify key issues. Close with making recommendations.

It is suggested that you use Canva. Go to the Canva website and set up a free account. The Infographic design page is under the Section: Blogging and E-books. Create a one page fact sheet using the Infographic template. You may use another software product to design the sheet if you want. Upload your completed assignment using the link found under Week 12 AND post it in the ungraded (but required) Discussion section found at the bottom of the Discussions heading. Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper



  • One page (no cover sheet required)
  • Clearly state the healthcare policy or legislative issue
  • Make it readable (use at least 12-point font)
  • Keep the text informative, yet brief
  • Include the most important information in the first paragraph, for example state the issue, identify possible actions, and label the main messages (key points)
  • Give references for more information (links, etc.)
  • The fact sheet should be self-contained (be sure not to refer to previous documents or assume the reader has additional information)
  • Use bullet points (when appropriate)
  • Make the message you are sending very clear (bold, text boxes, graphics add emphasis)
  • Provide the reader with tools needed to take action–list phone numbers, bill numbers, etc.
  • Add a separate page with the references used in the Fact Sheet.

Readings Materials

I have attached also other readings materials and a fact sheet exemplar

Thank you for your help. Treatment Involving Prescription Of Opioids Discussion Paper

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