Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper

Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper

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Understanding Who You Are
This discussion coincides with Week 1 Assignment 2.

Navigate to the USA Library search page to search the library databases. You will develop and submit 2 peer responses. As you complete this discussion, include your scholarly references to support your discussion response, using APA 7th edition. Include at least one scholarly response to support each peer response.

(*Note- Be sure to focus your presentation on the degree you are pursuing, not your current profession. For example, if you are in the FNP program, you should include FNP specific content, not just nursing or NP relevant information.) Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper


By Sunday at the end of Week 2 submit your Unit 1 Assignment 2 presentation.
By Sunday at the end Week 3, provide two peer responses to the Unit 1 Discussion Board.

For grading criteria for the discussion only, refer to the discussion rubric at the right.

You need to be specific about what exactly you liked in the presentation, what you learned new, what you admired, etc.

Indeed, having a leveraged understanding of who you are can form a strong starting point on which to successfully pursue a set of personal, educational and professional goals. Your strong background as an assistant professor of Occupational Therapy (OT) is a primary source of both comparative and competitive advantage when it comes to pursuing the Doctor of Science in Occupational Therapy (DsCPT) degree. This terminal academic degree is primarily designed to prepare different groups of healthcare professionals including OTs to become active and competent practice scholars and educators and to gain placements in healthcare organisations and the academia. The main focus of the DsCPT program is to significantly transform occupational therapists into true agents of change in today’s rapidly changing healthcare and health systems, and to perform applied research (Andrews University, 2023)Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper. With a strong personal interests and commitment to the growth of the OT profession, education and research, graduates from this advanced academic doctorate degree can go ahead to assume expanded roles as nurse educators, thus making meaningful contributions to scholarly and applied research, and strengthening the OT field’s commitment to realisation of evidence-based nursing practice.

As one of the well-established health profession, occupational therapy has undergone tremendous changes and developments since it was conceived during the early 1910s as a reflection of the Progressive Era (Johnson Coffelt & Gabriel, 2017). Over the years, this particular branch of health care has played a highly instrumental role in assisting people of all ages with cognitive, sensory and physical challenges and problems, and in contributing to improvements in key areas of their lives. These changes have affected the education and training as well as licensure requirements for those seeking to become occupational therapy personnel (Hinojosa & Howe, 2018). The eminent nature of the DScPT as a clinically-focussed doctoral degree makes it an appropriate choice for those with a strong undergraduate or master’s background in OT, and its strong focus on preparing the graduating students to teach in higher education remains some of its key points of distinction (Eichler & Keptner, 2023)Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper.

In terms of ethical principles, the occupational therapy field is strongly grounded in a number of core values and principles including justice, truth, freedom, equality, altruism, prudence and accountability. Occupational therapy personnel in pursuit of higher education in OT must be strictly guided by these ethical principles in their interactions with colleagues and other key stakeholders in order to ensure they always offer just and fair treatment to all patients, irrespective of any identifiable differences including age, gender, sexual orientation, religion or socio-economic status. Equally, meeting all the profession-mandated continuing education requirements can also be an added advantage to ensure a more competent OT practice, to ensure the OT Certification is active and to maintain licensure. The program equally comes with an expanded scope of practice for the graduate including assuming placements as leaders, educators, and certified OT practitioner (Eichler & Keptner, 2023)Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper.

With faculty shortages being considered one of the major challenges facing the OT profession, students who are able to complete doctoral degrees in occupational therapy can suitably meet the required educational levels as well as experience needed in order to teach in colleges and institutions of higher education (Johnson Coffelt & Gabriel, 2017). The pursuit of doctoral degree must be fully informed by the greater need to tackle many of the key issues facing the fragmented health systems, and to help boost the application of evidence-based practice in clinical settings.


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Johnson Coffelt, K., & Gabriel, L. S. (2017). Continuing competence trends of occupational therapy practitioners. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 5(1). Understanding Who You Are Discussion Paper

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