Use of Technology in Optimizing Patient Outcomes Discussion

Use of Technology in Optimizing Patient Outcomes Discussion

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The provided post provides a detailed and insightful observation regarding the impact of social networks and mobile-based applications in healthcare, emphasizing the need for healthcare professionals to gain skills and knowledge about different digital tools as resources for care delivery. Your identified trends underscore the shift in patient behavior, with individuals increasingly turning to social networks for health management, seeking second opinions, and managing stress related to medical conditions. Acknowledging these trends is crucial for healthcare professionals, highlighting the evolving role of digital platforms in patient education and engagement (Sieck et al., 2021). Use of Technology in Optimizing Patient Outcomes Discussion

The benefits of utilizing technology in healthcare, such as empowering patients to be more active in their treatment and care, are aptly discussed. This aligns with the broader trend towards patient-centered care and shared decision-making (Baldassar & Wilding, 2020). However, the post also rightly identifies challenges associated with technology adoption, emphasizing the importance of user development and training for healthcare professionals and patients.


It is especially crucial to highlight internet connectivity as a possible barrier. The fact that 15% to 24% of Americans feel they need a stronger internet connection highlights the existence of the digital divide. The relationship between restricted internet connection and low household income highlights additional socioeconomic barriers that might prevent the broad use of mobile health devices. This realization offers a crucial viewpoint on the possible differences in accessibility to online resources for healthcare. Use of Technology in Optimizing Patient Outcomes Discussion

During the initial evaluations, asking patients about their access to electronics and the Internet is a useful and practical suggestion. This method allows medical professionals to customize their advice according to the patient’s financial situation. The evaluation process’s consideration of technical support is also notable, which tackles the possible obstacle of user inexperience.

The discussion post concludes by deftly examining the trends, advantages, difficulties, and suggestions for implementing mobile applications and social networks in the healthcare industry. It shows a sophisticated grasp of the changing environment. It emphasizes how crucial it is to handle the possible advantages and obstacles to provide fair access to and use of digital health resources. Use of Technology in Optimizing Patient Outcomes Discussion



Baldassar, L., & Wilding, R. (2020). Migration, Aging, and Digital Kinning: The Role of Distant Care Support Networks in Experiences of Aging Well. The Gerontologist60(2), 313–321.

Sieck, C. J., Sheon, A., Ancker, J. S., Castek, J., Callahan, B., & Siefer, A. (2021). Digital inclusion as a social determinant of health. NPJ digital medicine4(1), 52. Use of Technology in Optimizing Patient Outcomes Discussion


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