A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

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Assignment 7-1: Ethics, Sexuality, and Gender


Ethics, sexuality, and gender are very important broad, and yet closely related themes in religion and theology. This coursework consists of three important parts, with each covering a different theme on sexuality and religion. Part one will cover the issue of pornography and its effects on Christian’s life as well as its translation on daily encounters. The second part covers the issue of gender and the diminishment of women, while the third part covers different approaches to LGBTQ+ individuals and the issues linked to them. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper



Effects of pornography, argument summary

Watching pornography has been said to be harmful to psychology, biology, and religion. In his article, Struthers has related the harm to the brain, specifically on how the human brain is wired. In his argument, Struthers argues that pornography affects the emotional processing of the body, various hormonal responses, and the body’s neurology. Prolonged exposure to pornography interferes with the brain cells, causing a series of neurotransmitter releases, like for example dopamine, resulting in increased arousal and ungodly sexual behaviors (Struthers).  A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper Additionally, Struthers points out the role played by the mirror neurons of the brain towards the promotion of sexual behaviors portrayed in pornography. This further point, out how the human brain links pornographic content and arousal. He also clarifies how the pleasure response is intensified by the release of endogenous opiates that take place during orgasm, playing a bigger part in pornography addiction (Struthers). A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper


Translation to daily encounters

About Struthers’ observations, it is clear that the nervous system and endocrine systems of the human body play a major role in the addictive behaviors of pornography.  The arousals that happen to someone after watching pornographic content are triggered by these two body systems. Pornography addiction victims face various challenges in their daily lives, including reduced eyesight, and confidence, while others struggle to maintain healthy relationships and attachments with their spouses thereafter. The addiction affects the brain in such a manner that the victims’ social relations with other people are completely affected (Struthers).  It is hard for a porn addict to maintain eye contact with other people because their social and interpersonal interactions have been interfered with. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper


Peeler and Jones’ concerns about diminishment of women

In their articles, Peeler and Jones seek to overcome a historic failure in the church and society regarding the diminishment of women, centering their concerns around the historic failure of the church in fighting and advocating for the dignity and equality of women, distortion of sexuality, and commodification and objectivation of female bodies. Jones expresses his concern about the societal norms as well as the societal expectations, that perpetuate undesirable notions of desirability and worth that lead to the idolization of some body types while at the same time relegating others (Jones). Peeler also expresses his concern about the marginalization of women that has happened since time immemorial, restricting their roles in societal and religious structures, thus misunderstanding the gender roles that perpetuate injustices and inequalities against women (Peeler). A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

Theological resources to direct better understanding of gender mutuality.

To deal with the highlighted concerns, Jones and Peeler highlight several theological resources that would help in understanding gender mutuality better. Peeler challenges societal norms that have prioritized patriarchal reinforcements while at the same time advocating for theological frameworks that regardless of their gender, advocate dignity and equality for all. On the other side, Jones quotes the biblical teachings of St. Paul in the books of Ephesians and Corinthians in support of his argument (Jones).  A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper According to him, the verses try to advocate for mutual respect and holiness of all human bodies in society or marital environment. The authors also touch on the theology of the human body, which views it as a divine image while emphasizing how interconnected the human body, spirit, and mind are. Still, with their hopes of directing us to a better understanding of the mutuality of gender and being societal leaders, they advocate for faithful witness and mutuality. In the context of sexuality, it is important to point faithful witness through self-giving love, respect, and mutual care whether in singleness or marriage. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

Using Jones and Peeler’s leads in personal contexts

Education and theological reflections can be used in individual contexts, particularly in promoting a better and healthier understanding of sexuality and bodies. Holding seminars, giving out sermons, teaching sessions, and other common grounds to advocate and train people on theological principles of respect, the sacredness of the human body, and respect for God’s creation. There should also be some policies in religious churches and other centers of society, whose objective is the promotion of gender equality. Leadership roles in religious organizations and society should constitute both men and women. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper


Yuan and Williams’s approaches to LGBTQ+ people and issues

As a Christian who embraced celibacy, Yuan’s approach to the LGBTQ+ issue is based on his personal experiences with this group of people. “My dad, mom, and I have had the privilege of getting to know numerous fathers and mothers with children identifying as gay or lesbian”, (Yuan 1). Yuan places more emphasis on understanding sexuality in the context of Christian discipleship, advocating for adherence to traditional ethics regarding sexuality compassionately, viewing marriage and sexuality between a man and a woman, and not against the order of creation. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper As he was celibate, he placed a strong emphasis on this virtue, especially among those experiencing same-sex attraction. Having been a victim of same-sex attraction and overcoming it through celibacy, yuan draws attention to the importance of the church in creating supportive communities that will help people to gain understanding, get encouragement, and be accountable in their celibacy journey (Yuan). A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

On the other hand, Williams approaches the issue from a theological and Christian doctrine perspective, to explore the complexities of human relationships and sexuality. According to Williams, themes of mutual recognition, grace, and the transformative power of love should be discussed within the theological framework. He also emphasized the importance of understanding sexuality as both an individual and communal aspect of human existence. Both authors offer their insights regarding the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals and those relating to them. Biblically, Yuan’s approach related to the interpretations of the scripture more closely to the interpretation of sexual ethics, especially on matters of celibacy and marriage, while Williams draws his attention based on the broader theological framework. While we should condemn sex against the order of nature, it is important to understand where it comes from and what triggers it. According to Williams, “It is impossible, when we’re trying to reflect on sexuality, not to ask just where the massive cultural and religious anxiety about same-sex relationships that is so prevalent at the moment comes from”, (9). A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

Impact of either approach on modern climate

Each of the approaches has its strengths and weaknesses in the modern climate. Yuan’s approach for example may offer a clearer guidance for those willing to reconcile their sexuality with their faith, particularly Christians who uphold their teachings. Williams offers a compassionate and more nuanced response regarding the challenges response regarding the intricacies of human sexuality, which might palpitate those advocating for understanding and inclusivity within the church. Ultimately, the perspectives and specific needs of groups grappling with LGBTQ+ issues determine the effectiveness of each approach. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper


In conclusion, discussion on ethics, sexuality, and gender in the realm of religion and theology has uncovered several intricate intersections that require further examination. Whether it is the devastating impact that pornography has on the male mind, the long-standing oppression of women, or the ever-changing dialogue on LGBTQ+ matters, all three parts speak to the importance of careful contemplation and response. It is theologically resourced authors such as Struthers, Peeler, Jones, Yuan, and Williams who can provide those in controversy with knowledge. It should be mentioned that to overcome the challenges of the modern climate, it is essential to embrace diverse perspectives and respond to the needs of marginalized groups. A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper


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After completing the reading, answer (with nuance) the following questions. Answer each set of questions with depth in its own section, appropriately labeled (e.g., “Section 1”): A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

(1) We often say that pornography is harmful. Struthers demonstrates that the effects are evident at the level of the wiring of the brain itself. Summarize his argument. In what ways might his observations translate to our daily encounter of people and our subconscious evaluation of people?

(2) Peeler and Jones seek to overcome a historic failure in the church and society regarding the diminishment of women. What are the concerns? What theological resources do they highlight in hopes of directing us to a better understanding of the mutuality of gender and, therein, to be a leader for society in general? Evaluate their arguments. Are there particular ways in your context that you can follow Peelerâ€s and Jonesâ€s lead? A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

(3) Yuan and Williams take aim at a significant challenge for the church today: how to relate to LGBTQ+ peoples and issues. Sketch their approaches and place them in dialogue. Does either approach better attend to biblical witness? Does either approach better equip you in the modern climate? Explain and evaluate.

The response essay paper needs to be three to four (3-4) pages and MLA formatted A Theology of Sex Assignment Paper

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