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The presentation should provide information useful to an individual or group that is a potential
investor, financial statement analyst who is recommending the purchase or sale of stock in this
company, or a management group interested in taking over the company. The presentation
should address the following to the extent relevant and significant to understanding the
company and its potential or future prospects:

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Background and history of the organization: to include important people, driving forces,
milestones, key issues and, innovations, etc.

Strategic Analysis: Identify challenges and opportunities facing the company including how
the company is positioned or should position itself given the current economic and competitive
environment in which it operates. This would include background about the industry including
information about the competitive landscape. Use a strategic model to perform this analysis.
E.g. SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, CAGE analysis, etc.

Operating Information: Where the company is today, how it got there and prospects for the
future including challenges and opportunities. Present view points from management,
stakeholders and third parties such as the financial press and financial analysts. Assess the
company’s operations and how they are performing relative to other major competitors or the
industry average.

Review of Process/Operation: Identify your organization’s competitive advantage. This can
be operational, related to product development, reviews innovative uses of technology, etc.
You may also look at opportunities to apply successful processes or technology to improve the
performance of the organization you selected.

Risk Analysis: Consider the challenges the company faces across multiple facets of its
operations, processes and supply chain. Include market competition, pressure and changes in
consumer taste and behavior along with environmental factors.

Performance Evaluation: Evaluate the overall performance of the company along with its
prospects for the future. Again you might present views from management, the financial
press, financial analysts, and your own assessment based on industry or competitor

Financial Analysis: Present financial data and analysis for at least the last 5 years where
possible. It is almost always preferable to present comparative and trend analysis graphically
and based peer or industry comparisons over time. See Chapter 14 of your financial text for
financial analysis including key metrics.

[Hint: This financial analysis should not stand alone as its own section. This just does not
work effectively. Rather, financial analysis and metrics should be woven into your overall
story. Note that while there are many ratios, not all of them are relevant to your organization
or help you tell its story. I would be more than happy to meet with your group and discuss

which of these measures would be appropriate. This financial section is important but should
not drive or dominate the presentation. As a general guideline, ratio and financial analysis
should take up from 15% to 20% of your presentation. It should be integrated into your

Recommendations for Improvement: Based on your research and analysis, you should
come with ideas and suggestions for improvement. These ideas can run the range of your
imagination, as long as they are viable and are supported by your research.
Each of the areas listed should be addressed to the extent they are relevant. The significance of
each area will vary with the company chosen. Your delivery of this content should not be viewed
as formulaic. Do not address each item in the order listed above – that would not be very
interesting. Rather, consider the relevance of the content and deliver the information in a
that is compelling and interesting to your audience — your peer classmates and your professor.

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