Advanced Nursing Practice Specialty Assignment Paper

Advanced Nursing Practice Specialty Assignment Paper

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Phenomenon of Interest (0.5 points)
1. Identify the selected Phenomenon of Interest (POI) and briefly describe its importance to your advanced nursing practice specialty focus.
2. Provide at least one (1) current peer-reviewed referenceÂ
Philosophical Influences (2.0 points)
1.  Describe your preferred philosophical viewpoint (Analytic or Continental). and how this view impacts how you view your POI or advanced nursing practice specialty.


2.  Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed references.
Ethical Framework (2.0 points) Advanced Nursing Practice Specialty Assignment Paper
1.  Identify the ethical framework that will guide decision-making in your advanced practice role and provide a brief description of the chosen ethical framework.
2.  Identify and briefly describe two (2) ethical principles associated with the chosen ethical framework.
3.  Provide at least two (2) peer-reviewed references.
Theoretical Influences ( 2.0 points)
1.  Identify the Grand Nursing Theory and Middle Range theory you selected for your framework and briefly discuss how the theories guide your view of your POI or area of advanced nursing practice specialty.
2. Briefly describe Complexity Theory and differentiate between complexity science and a complex adaptive system (CAS).
3.  Identify a CAS related to your POI or advanced nursing practice specialty
4. Provide at least three (3) peer-reviewed references, citing primary sources of literature.
Concept Map of Praxis Framework (1.5 points)
1. Briefly describe the Praxis Framework that will guide your future advanced practice role.
2. Construct a Concept Map, or graphic representation of your Praxis framework and attach it to the initial forum. The graphic representation should Include the following elements:
(a) Phenomenon of Interest (POI)
(b) Concept Analysis you chose to relate to your POI
(c) Philosophical influences (viewpoints)
(d) Theoretical influences (Grand, middle, and complexity theory)
(e) Ethical framework
Substantial Cross-post (1.0 point) Advanced Nursing Practice Specialty Assignment Paper
1. Contribute substantial cross-post to a minimum of two (2) students.Â
Graduate Level Scholarship (1.0 points)
1.  Scholarly writing style; first-person language is permitted in the discussion
2.  Introduction and conclusion are not required for this Discussion.
3. Organize work by headings.
4. Writing should be clear and concise.
5.  Initial post includes a minimum of eight (8) peer-reviewed references.
6. Citations and references follow APA format.
7. Writing should be free of APA errors, excluding line spacing in Forum Discussions.


8. Writing should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
9.  Initial post not to exceed 1000 words (excluding reference list); cross-post not to exceed 500 words (excluding references).
10.  Follow all assignment instructions.
11.  Demonstrate good overall writing skills.
12.  This discussion is not subject to Turnitin’s review.References have to be within last 5 years.

Iâ€ll attach previous assignments to utilize as reference. Advanced Nursing Practice Specialty Assignment Paper

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