Advancing Nursing Education Assignment Discussion

Advancing Nursing Education Assignment Discussion

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Hi class. Within the role of the educator, it is important that educators take part in scholarly activities. These should be professional activities that will advance the science of nursing (NLN, 2007)Advancing Nursing Education Assignment Discussion. Can you explain what is meant by scholarly activities and give some examples of them? What would you consider to be professional activities? Thanks. Dr. Wright

Reference: NLN. (2007). Nurse educator competencies: Creating an evidence-based practice for nurse educators. J. A. Halstead (Ed.). NLN.


For nursing educators, scholarly activities include a variety of academic and professional endeavors with the goal of expanding the field’s knowledge and evidence-based practices. These initiatives are in line with the National League for Nursing’s (NLN) focus on promoting nursing education that is grounded in evidence (Halstead, 2007). The creation, sharing, and application of knowledge to improve nursing practice, research, and teaching are all aspects of scholarly endeavors.

Performing original research to add fresh perspectives to the field of nursing, publishing research findings in peer-reviewed journals, sharing knowledge with peers through presentations at conferences, and participating in ongoing professional development by attending workshops and seminars are a few examples of scholarly activities. For nursing educators, engaging in scholarly activities like developing and evaluating curricula and writing for academic literature like monographs or textbooks counts as well. Advancing Nursing Education Assignment Discussion

On the other hand, professional activities are those that involve undertakings that support the educator’s advancement within the nursing profession. Attending conferences and workshops to be current with emerging trends and optimal methodologies, networking with colleagues to promote cooperation and idea sharing, and joining professional organizations like the NLN are all examples of this. Because it advances nursing education and practice, serving on committees and task forces inside academic institutions or professional organizations also counts as a professional activity. Advancing Nursing Education Assignment Discussion

To sum up, research, publication, and ongoing instruction are all considered academic activities for nurse educators, whereas professional activities include interacting with the larger nursing community and making contributions to the general advancement of nursing practice and education.


Halstead, J. A. (2007). Nurse educator competencies: Creating an evidence-based practice for nurse educators. (No Title). Advancing Nursing Education Assignment Discussion

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