Analyzing Learners and the Learner Experience in Online Learning


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Analyzing Learners and the Learner Experience
The growth of online learning over the years can only be described as massive. Most of this growth is fueled by
advances in technology and the major shift to remote work. Many organizations moved away from in-person
training and began designing their own online training.
Who your learners are and the interface in which they will be learning are two important issues to know and
consider before developing learning materials.
Think about an actual online learning experience you had in the past. Describe the training and interface in a few
sentences. Then respond to the following questions:
• How well did the learner experience align with the objectives of the training?
• Was the format of the training appropriate? Why or why not?
• Did learning happen for you? If so, what influenced your learning of the material? If not, what challenges were
present in preventing learning?

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