Anatomical terminology about specific locations on the human body,

Jennie was in a motorcycle accident and sustained several injuries. Among them are:

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  1. Torn ligaments in the following places
    1. A ligament in her left dorsal cervical region that attaches the dens of C2 to the left occipital condyle.
    2. An axillary ligament running from the left coracoid process to the greater and lesser tubercles of the humerus.
  2. Skin lacerations (road rash), all the way to reticular layer of the dermis in the right lateral antebrachial region and the dorsum of her right limb, proximal to her right pollex
  3. A collapsed left lung, due to a external puncture into her left pleural cavity (through the parietal pleura, but not the visceral pleura)
  4. A fractured styloid process on the distal epiphysis of her right radius.

YOUR TASK: For each injury

  1. First, mark on a figure OR clearly describe the specific location of EACH of her wounds, as if you were describing them to an educated family member without a background in anatomy.

Your objective here is to clearly describe the meaning of anatomical terminology about specific locations on the human body, either visually or in writing. (Example: If her lateral malleolus of her left fibula had a fracure, you would describe that she has broken the outside of the long bone near her left ankle, either visually on an image or in terminology that a patient could understand).

  1. Next, identify all of the specific tissues that were damaged, in order, in each instance.
  2. Last, describe the specific steps in the process to heal her injured bone.

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