ANSWER: NR631 Week 2: Initial Learning Agreement

Assignment Instructions

  • Review the NR631 Course Outcomes and collaborate with your practicum mentor regarding your learning in the course.
  • Create self-identified practicum goals to facilitate achievement of each of the six learning outcomes.
    • Under CO 6, identify a minimum of one additional objective to specifically address inter-professional collaboration occurring within your practicum experience.
  • Develop a plan to meet the self-identified practicum goals. Include specific activities that will facilitate achievement of each established practicum goal.
  • Meet with the practicum mentor and instructor via teleconference, 3-way call, or other communication modality to review the practicum goals and activities outlined in the Learning Agreement.
  • Confirm approval of your Learning Agreement via practicum mentor signature on the Learning Agreement where indicated for Week 2.
  • Submit your Learning Agreement for instructor approval and grading.

Revision Process

If you do not receive at least a proficient rating in any content category, you can re-submit your assignment with revision to that content category to improve the points earned within that specific section. Please note the following guidelines:

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  • After receiving your assignment grade, you have one opportunity to resubmit.
  • In order to resubmit, your initial submission must have been a complete assignment. Rough drafts will not be graded or allowed for resubmission.
  • Only content sections that did not receive at least a proficient rating with the first submission may be revised to earn a better score in that content category. APA format and writing style will not be re-graded.
  • Points possible for revised and resubmitted work will not exceed the “proficient” rubric category (84%).
  • Any revision must be submitted for re-evaluation within 7 days after the assignment grade is posted. For example, if your assignment grade is posted on Friday at 12 noon MT, you have until the following Friday at 12 noon MT to resubmit any content area that did not earn a proficient rating.
  • Within 7 days from your resubmission, the class instructor will post your score for the resubmitted work.

Steps to follow for resubmission of a content section within an assignment that did not earn a proficient rating on the rubric:

  • Contact your class instructor privately via email, phone, or Canvas private message to inform him/her that you plan to resubmit a content section of the assignment that did not receive a proficient rating on the rubric.
  • Submit the assignment in its entirety (including the rewritten content section) within 7 days of the original assignment grade being posted.



Course Outcomes Student Identified Practicum Goals to Meet COs Plan to Meet Student Identified Practicum Goals Narrative Description of Attainment of Student-Identified Goals Through the End of CGE 1
CO 1: Apply evidence-based leadership skills and concepts in the planning of an executive-level practice change project. (PO 4, 5) Apply evidence-based leadership skills and concepts in the planning of an executive-level practicum change project related to improving nurse job satisfaction and reducing labor turnover Complete a review of literature research related to improving work environment and job satisfaction

Research best practices in human resource management to reduce workforce turnover

Schedule and meet with mentor to assess progress related to change project

In developing this project, I conducted literature review for research evidence on improving communication, job satisfaction, and employee retention in healthcare facilities. I use the knowledge gained as well as my clinical experience in developing the project. This offered insights concerning evidence-based solutions to high rates of workforce turnover. Empirical data from research will further promote the success of this project by addressing the issue of over-relying on sign-on bonuses at the expense of other employee motivation strategies

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