ANSWER: NR631 Week 3: Collaboration Café – Planning Organizational Change: Foundational Project Management Documents

Collaboration Café

For your graded assignment this week, you will be creating the project charter and scope of work documents. Chapter 3 of your text describes these foundational documents and compares and contrasts them. Your Collaboration Café will have two parts:

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Part 1: Write a brief overview and summary of each of the two PM tools (project charter & scope of work). Discuss why these PM documents are important to the planning process of an organizational change initiative. Discuss how each of these tools will be important for your executive CGE project.

Part 2: Each of us has been in the role of a project manager in our personal lives and probably not realized it. Describe a “project” or event that you managed and how you feel that experience will help you in leading an organizational change initiative. Some examples include: planning a wedding, vacation, or party; purchasing a home; home renovation projects. Reflect back on what you have read in your text to this point. What similarities can you identify?



Part I

The project scope is an instrumental tool in project planning. It plays a vital part in determining and documenting the project’s deliverables, tasks, schedules, costs, and desired goals and objectives. In essence, it outlines the undertaking’s boundaries and establishes and allocates different responsibilities for various team members. The scope also facilitates the

Part II

Among the projects/events that I have successfully managed in the past is holding a charity marathon event in my local community. In the process, I came to appreciate that non-profit fundraising events are effective ways of cultivating support while attracting more donors. The process of organizing the event was insightful as far as leading an organizational change………………………………$10

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