ANSWER: NR631 Week 7: Collaboration Café: Status Check: Budget and Project Progress


Collaboration Café

No matter your position of leadership in an organization, you are responsible to report to someone above your position. Even the President/CEO is responsible to a board of directors. Or you may be held accountable by an accreditation body or regulatory agency. Whomever or whatever you are responsible to, you will be required to provide status reports on projects you have been tasked with. Sometimes status meetings are planned. Other times you may be given very little notice to provide an update.

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For this week’s collaboration café, imagine that your instructor is the person or authority to whom you are accountable. You have been asked to provide a brief written status update on your project. Your update must include an update on your project budget that includes favorable and unfavorable variances and a forecast of financial resources needed to complete the project. Also, include where you are in relation to your timeline for on-time completion. Note any barriers or delays you anticipate.



I wanted to provide a budget and timeline update to you for the implementation of the 10 hour tours in the Domiciliary Clinic. As a reminder, my PICOT question is: For Domiciliary Clinic program nurses, will implementing a 10-hour Monday through Thursday rotating schedule every 4 weeks compared to the current 8-hour tour Monday through Friday increase employee satisfaction from 25% to 75% satisfaction within 6 months of implementation?

In addition, my budget follows:

Labor/Salaries # of hours Cost per hours Total
Project Manager 144 hours for project development + 20 for implementation and data/progress review = 164 $47.43 $7,778.52

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