(Answered) NR436 Week 3 Practicum Project Discussion: Community and Environment Assessment


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 Discussion: Apply Knowledge

Step 1: Download and complete the .

Step 2: Review the . Select one educational resource related to your Practicum Project topic and the Week 3 Community and Environment Assessment findings.

Step 3: Answer the discussion prompts below with explanation and detail.

Paragraph one: Discuss the findings and trends in your community and environment assessment. Explain how they relate to your practicum topic.

Paragraph two: Examine the findings for indications of the social determinants of health (SDOH). Based on your observations, identify two strengths and two areas for improvement within the community.

Paragraph three: Consider your Community and Environment Assessment findings and selected educational material. Explain how this material is appropriate for your community. Discuss how it will help licensed healthcare professionals and community members improve health.



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