Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

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Peer Response 1

Indeed Helene Vossos, the case presents a complex ethical dilemma that forces those involved to apply ethical decision-making and problem-solving. As identified in the case study, the ethical problems witnessed is informed by the by the four patterns of conflict namely: truth versus loyalty, short-term versus long-term, individual versus community and most importantly, justice versus virtue (Alves, 2022).  Equally, considering that one is faced with different types of conflicting obligations, the ethical issues experienced in the case of the 35-year old female who is raising a 10-year old daughter with cancer and who needs urgent yet highly costly-treatment. When confronting this particular ethical situation, I would first invoke the Nursing Code of Ethics, which prescribes the basic ethical principles and values that guide the nursing practice. For instance, I am more inclined to act in a professional manner when handling the confidential information n regarding the financial constraints and emotional turmoil experienced by the educator as a result of the crisis.


Equally, I must also demonstrate respect for autonomy, exercise beneficence (do good), promote justice (fairness), uphold veracity (tell the truth), exercise non-maleficence (do not harm) and ensure fidelity (keep promises). Indeed, the code of ethics is consistently considered as the non-negotiable ethical standard that must be upheld by everyone in the nursing profession. In this case, I must seek to make ethical decisions by overcoming the potential problem of conflicting loyalties associated with me having to deal with a colleague within the same workplace environment (Kovac, 2018)Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper. As an employee, I am expected to balance loyalties to the organization, to the house staff, to other practitioners, to the patients, and other stakeholders, whilst adhering to the ethical values and principles that guide nursing practice in the United States.


Alves, J. (2022). Calling a code: Nursing students’ application of the code of ethics to nursing practice. Proceedings of the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting.

Kovac, J. (2018). Ethical problem solving. The Ethical Chemist.

I need a Peer response for the previous discussion for 2 peers:
1) Helene Vossos
1/28/24, 6:52 AM
Case study: 35 y/o female educator is raising a 10-year-old daughter with cancer who needs treatment. Resources are slim and financial abuse from the worksite is suspected. Ethical conduct and work environment policies encompass principle #3, as a coworker the principle of veracity should be at the forefront toward the colleague who is an educator. As an educator, I am not able to reveal confidential information concerning a colleagues emotional or financial turmoil according to laws (Code of ethics for educators, 2023). This could feel like a quandary as there is also an abuse of work financial resources such as potential embezzlement if the colleague is stealing funds to pay for her daughter’s treatment. According to Cornell Law School failure to report embezzlement and misappropriation of funds could be perceived as aiding and abiding (n.d.)Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper.

The code of ethics for educators recommends abiding the law while upholding written school policies and rules to comply with work code of ethics and regulation (2023). As a colleague, I would make no judgment and uphold confidentiality of this sensitive information is extremely important. The principles of diversity indicate all colleagues should be treated with respect and dignity despite their struggles.

In my professional judgement, I would offer help to this colleague, as my personal philosophy is to “do no harm”, improve health of others and coach my colleague to get help and much needed resources. My colleague most likely will need emotional, financial, and possibly work-release support to care for her daughter. I would promote fidelity, promote a trusting therapeutic alliance and offer a listening ear. Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

How I would handle this situation is to talk with my colleague in a general manner to offer support and resources. I would encourage her to talk to her manager related to what is going on with potential violations in the college or university policy of misappropriations of funds for personal use. Using the Nursing Code of Ethics (2015), I would be an active listener, advocate for her right pathway and promote trust in the process of beneficence. Everyone deserves justice, prosperity, equity to the access for attainable healthcare services and resources to meet their needs.

2) Jaimee Fielder
1/27/24, 12:51 PM

A coworker is using the departmental budget to pay for the cancer treatment of his child; he is a single parent and the sole income for his household. This complex case scenario encompasses ethical dilemmas layered with a demand for the consideration of facets of diversity and charges to be both action- and person-oriented.

Ethical & Diversity-based Analysis

Consideration of facets of diversity first provides us with information about this coworker’s motives for such action. Rijamampianina and Carmichael (2005) present a theoretical Diversity Iceberg that helps to define coworker circumstances; these circumstances may not be outwardly visible to all, so they are defined as the secondary and tertiary dimensions of family status and economic status, and feelings and values, respectively. The tertiary level, incorporating feelings and values, are deep emotions and motivations that outsiders must consider and evaluate as a factor in decision making. For example, although this coworker has had a challenging year, it is important to hypothesize that they value the care of their child above their job and possibly above their personal ethical beliefs and their feelings about their child’s status; this factor, in combination with a struggle to financially support their circumstances and recent divorce, could substantially interrupt sound reasoning in stealing from their company. Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

Our ethical statements in occupational therapy education overlap between educator and occupational therapist professions. The Association of American Educators (n.d.) outlines Principle II: Ethical Conduct toward Practices and Performance, which incorporates being accountable for all monetary spending, and the American Occupational Therapy Association (2020) further presses this accountability with Principle 5: Veracity, meaning one must provide accurate and truthful information (Beauchamp & Childress, 2019)Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper. This coworker is not adhering to either ethical code, which is problematic and unjust.

Personal & Professional Solution

I must first consider my personality type with handling such situations and how this influences my approach and rationale. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a self-assessment in which I score within the T, thinking, category for deciding and coming to conclusions (The Myers-Briggs Company, n.d.). This preference means I tend to separate logic from emotion and analyze situations with my head, not my heart. Although I focus on a holistic view of situations and believe that this situation is multi-factorial, we must also consider what is ethically sound I would first speak with the coworker and build rapport and trust in this situation. I would see if they would self-disclose this offense to me; otherwise, I would need to address the topic and discuss it with the coworker. This conversation would be encouraging, offering support, and attempting to lead and collaborate solutions. This is a situation that needs to be handled by a supervisor, though I hope that with encouragement, the coworker would admit their actions and self-disclose this information to their supervisor without the peer action needed. It is imperative that the supervisor be informed, whether my the coworker or peer, to correct this behavior and create methods for future prevention of such instances. Although this is an important process, it would not fix the underlying need for financial support; offering to start a crowdfunding effort, such as through GoFundMe, or an office-wide donation may be a method to help with the need.


Chen et al. (2020) discuss that individuals must intervene as early as possible when an ethical dilemma is identified, though this would present potential social ramifications for the individual identifying the issue. Although these authors also identify that individuals in a workplace may be less likely to intervene or report such situations due to social implications or perception of it distracting the workflow, it is still essential to consider our personal ethics and the longitudinal impact of not reporting through an appropriate channel. Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper


This case example requires a scoping examination of ethics, personal beliefs, views of diversity and holistic factors that can impact a situation. This case also presents a demand for self-reflection; I have a young child and reflect on my values and how I would approach the situation if I were in that circumstance. I find that an ethical code is essential to maintaining order and fairness in all professions, though these ethics can not always provide clear-cut answers but a more solid grounding for decision-making processes. Application Of The Code Of Ethics To Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

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