Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism

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Reply to these three discussion post replies. These were responses based on my presentation which I have attached for your reference. Your response can be 2-3 paragraphs with APA citations and references.
Hi David,

Thank you for the presentation. I enjoyed learning about applied behavior analysis. To answer your second question, it appears that the usefulness and effectiveness of ABA in adults is still up for debate with ongoing research. I actually found a pretty controversial study covering the concerns with ABA use in adults with autism. It seems that the primary research has been done on ABA in children.

In one meta-analysis examining the efficacy of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), 14 randomized control trials with 555 participants were analyzed. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of ABA in managing various symptoms in children with ASD. The findings indicated potential benefits in areas such as socialization, communication, and expressive language. However, the study did not observe significant effects in general autism symptoms, receptive language, and several other areas, including adaptive behavior, daily living skills, and cognitive abilities (Anderson, 2023)Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism.


In contrast, another study focusing on the experiences of seven adults with autism who underwent ABA interventions during childhood reveals significant concerns. Participants reported traumatic memories associated with ABA, expressed a belief that they should not be forced to behave like their neurotypical peers, and indicated both short-term benefits and long-term negative consequences. This study raises ethical questions about ABA, with participants advocating for alternatives to ABA and urging practitioners to listen more to the ASD community (Yu et al., 2020). I think the use of ABA in adults should be determined on a patient-to-patient basis. The severity of their autism symptoms and life experiences, along with of course their individual interest in the psychotherapy, should be considered before ABA initiation Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism.

Thanks again for the presentation!
Anderson, L. K. (2023). Autistic experiences of applied behavior analysis. Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice, 27(3), 737–750. to an external site.

Yu, Q., Li, E., Li, L., & Liang, W. (2020). Efficacy of interventions based on applied behavior analysis for autism spectrum disorder: A meta-analysis. Psychiatry Investigation, 17(5), 432–443. to an external site.


Hi David,
Thank you for your presentation! It was very informative on ABA. I especially liked how you highlighted the positives and negatives to the ABD approach. I can recognize how the positive reinforcement techniques of ABA can be valuable. That when exercised appropriately they can improve children’s self-care skills, social skills and play skills. Acquiring these behavioral skills will be beneficial to an individual throughout their life.

One of the articles that I read highlighted the fact that utilization of ABA had a significant improvement on the acquisition of skills for the child with autism. The skills that showed improvement included such things as attention skills, imitation skills, receptive language skills, expressive language skills and academic skills. The participants were between the ages of 4 – 11 years old. The article also acknowledged that each child is unique and their starting point of skills acquisition is unique. That the differences of each child needs to be recognized before proceeding with the therapy (da Silva et al., 2023)Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism.

The second article that I read discussed the importance of the consistent use of ABA therapy. The article states that the traditional implementation of ABA is somewhat disorganized. At the same time the article reports that ABA is widely recognized as being beneficial to autistic patients. The article further emphasized the need to develop individualized treatment plans as the most effective method of properly utilizing this therapy (Garikipati et al., 2023).

da Silva, A. P., Bezerra, I. M. P., Antunes, T. P. C., Cavalcanti, M. P. E., & de Abreu, L. C. (2023). Applied behavioral analysis for the skill performance of children with autism spectrum disorder. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 14, 1093252. to an external site.

Garikipati, A., Ciobanu, M., Singh, N. P., Barnes, G., Decurzio, J., Mao, Q., & Das, R. (2023). Clinical Outcomes of a Hybrid Model Approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis Treatment. Cureus, 15(3), e36727. to an external site.

Hi David,
I enjoyed your project on applied behavioral analysis therapy. I went to college with a girl who is a private ABA therapist and was always curious about what that meant. When I was looking up research on ABA to answer your question about the importance of helping families and parents understand the application of this model, I found that ABA is a successful mode of therapy to help children with autism acquire greater communication skills (Al Sabi, 2023). Al Sabi (2023) found that children with ASD who received ABA therapy showed a significant improvement in their language and communication skills. This allowed the child to establish stronger relationships with their family and the community (Al Sabi, 2023). Children who received ABA also had more self-confidence to express themselves and they continued to use their communication skills after the program was completed (Al Sabi, 2023)Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism.


One point of contention with this therapy is whether or not it can be applied with success to older children or adults. From what I could find, they are still unsure if ABA is useful as children become older. One study by Dallman et al. (2020) theorizes that as children age, they tend to need more diverse services such as career and vocational training. Previously used services and therapies such as ABA may get pushed aside so the patient is able to have time to learn new skills (Dallman et al., 2020). They also theorize that as children age and no longer receive ABA in the school system, parents or caregivers are unable to afford continued allied health services (Dallman et al., 2020). I think both of these points could be part of the reason older patients sometimes do not receive needed or beneficial services. I believe that we should educate our patients and their caregivers on the services and therapies that they can receive and where they can find them in their communities.


Al Sabi, Y. N. (2023). The impact of an applied behavioral analysis-based training program on the development of communicative skills among children with autism disorder. Clinical Schizophrenia & Related Psychoses, 17, 1–5. doi:10.3371/CSRP.MMWY.100125

Dallman, A. R., Artis, J., Watson, L., & Wright, S. (2020). Systematic review of disparities and differences in the access and use of allied health services amongst children with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 51(4), 1316–1330. to an external site Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism

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