Approaching Poetry Reflection Discussion Paper

Approaching Poetry Reflection Discussion Paper

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Assignment 4-1: Approaching Poetry Reflection Essay
Use the tips for approaching poetry as outlined in the “Approaching Poetry” Links to an external site.
presentation for each of the required poems for Lesson 4. Approaching Poetry Reflection Discussion Paper


Reflect on the process and write your reflection in one to two (1-2) pages by answering the following:

What was your biggest surprise in completing the steps to approach a poem?
Which of the poems do you find to have the most vivid images in your mind and why?
Select one poem and identify two to three (2-3) poetic devices and describe how they work to create meaning in the text. Approaching Poetry Reflection Discussion Paper

Assignment 4-2: Quick Write Response Essay
Answer each question using complete sentences:

What were the most important concepts of this lesson? Define any terms and concepts in your own words.
What made the least sense to you in this lesson?
What would you like to know more about from this lesson and why?
How does this lesson relate to something you have learned and/or experienced outside of class?
Your response in the essay should be about 500 words.

Reflection Paper 4: Vivid Portrayal of Human Experience
Which poem from the list of required poems do you think is a vivid portrayal of the human experience and why? Approaching Poetry Reflection Discussion Paper

INSTRUCTIONS: Your Reflection Paper is to be between 500-750 words in length (about one to two pages) following MLA format and submitted as a Microsoft Word compatible document (.doc or .docx). If you cite source material, include a Works Cited page, but do not include the Works Cited in the total requirement for the assignment. Approaching Poetry Reflection Discussion Paper

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