Artefact/Resource – Literacies Across the Curriculum

Descriptionthis is for an Australian primary school, in NSW year 5 or 6 which is stage 3 (last 2 years of primary school) 1. Exploring language across contexts: Identify and discuss the wayslanguage use differs across different disciplines (literacy as a generalcapability) (400 words)2. Teaching literacy across disciplines: Briefly describe a unit of work(and suitable year level) from a discipline other than English I have attached the sample unit GELATO TIME please use this Explain the literacy knowledge andabilities the learner will need for success in this unit and relevant literacyoutcomes that will support your teaching towards that. (300 words)I have included a detailed instruction and references (not all will be for parts 1 and 2 which is what you are doing here. I will request you to finish part 3 and 4 once I have more information. You must use APSTs for parts 1 and 2, as well as the unit of work, which will be from NESA (google search will find this) YOU MUST USE the English Kto6 syllabus as well as the science syllabus, I have attached both of those you can search NESA nsw syllabus and they will be there (these need to be cited as well please)Please also use books from Beverly Derewianka teaching language in context (I can upload pages from this book if you need just let me know)

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