Basic principles of the general theory of crime

Define The Terms Below:

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  1. Developmental Criminology
  2. Life Course Theories
  3. Latent Trait Theories
  4. Trajectory Theory
  5. Population Heterogeneity
  6. State Dependence
  7. Problem Behavior Syndrome (PBS)
  8. Schemas
  9. Integrated Theories
  10. Age-Graded Theory
  11. Turning Points
  12. Cumulative Disadvantage
  13. Social Capital
  14. Propensity
  15. Latent Trait
  16. General Theory of Crime (GTC)
  17. Self-Control
  18. Authority Conflict Pathway
  19. Covert Pathway
  20. Overt Pathway
  21. Adolescent-Limited Offender
  22. Life Course Persister

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Please use the text to respond to the discussion questions.)

1. Discuss the basic principles of the general theory of crime.

2. Persisters first come to the conclusion that crime seems areasonable and fruitful alternative to conventional behavior, then acton those beliefs; their decision-making is based on whatassumptions? List and explain each.

3. List five principles of the age-graded theory.

4. Individuals who sense a deficit of control turn to three types of behavior to restore balance. Identify and explain each.

5. Loeber has identified three distinct paths to a criminal career. Identify and explain each.

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