BHA FPX 4003 Assessment 3 Health Care Professionals: Roles and Responsibilities

BHA FPX 4003 Assessment 3 Health Care Professionals: Roles and Responsibilities


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BHA-FPX4003 Present and Future State Developments within the United States Health Care System

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Healthcare Professionals: The Essential Pillars of the Industry

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, the indispensable role of healthcare professionals remains steadfast as the industry continues to transform and advance. Patients rely on healthcare professionals to establish a secure, ethical, and trusting relationship concerning their health. Moreover, with the perpetual evolution of the pharmaceutical sector, there is a continuous demand for healthcare professionals to spearhead innovations in healthcare delivery. Particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals have become even more invaluable, pioneering novel solutions to mitigate the impact of the virus.

The Emergence of Nurse Practitioners: A Historical Perspective

Approximately five decades ago, the landscape of healthcare witnessed the inception of the Nurse Practitioner (NP) position. In 1985, visionaries gathered under an apple tree in Pennsylvania to address the burgeoning need for NPs across various specialties to have a unified voice. Thus, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) was established to serve as The Voice of the Nurse Practitioner®. Through their foresight, the AANP has grown to represent the interests of over 355,000 NPs nationwide (AANP, 2022).

The Birth of Physician Assistants: Filling the Healthcare Gap

Similarly, around half a century ago, the Physician Assistant (PA) profession emerged to address the shortage of primary care physicians. In the mid-1960s, under the leadership of Eugene A. Stead Jr., MD, the first class of PAs was assembled at Duke University Medical Center, comprising four Navy Hospital Corpsmen with extensive medical training. The PA curriculum was modeled after the expedited training of doctors during World War II, with the inaugural class graduating in 1967 (AAPA, 2022).

The Evolution of Hospice Care: Meeting the Needs of the Terminally Ill

The concept of hospice care, which was introduced by Dame Cicely Saunders in 1963, marked a significant shift in healthcare for the terminally ill. Originating from the compassionate care provided to terminally ill Polish refugees, modern hospice care has evolved from rudimentary caregiving to comprehensive palliative care, emphasizing dignity and support for the incurably ill (NHPCO, 2022).

Comparative Analysis: Nurse Practitioners vs. Physicians Assistants

Both Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants have witnessed an escalation in demand for their expertise, particularly following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. With an aging population, NPs and PAs play increasingly vital roles in healthcare delivery. Their educational backgrounds, responsibilities, and contributions have become integral components of the healthcare landscape over the past five decades (International Medical Aid, 2022).

Roles and Responsibilities in Healthcare Management

From attending physicians overseeing patient care to healthcare administrators facilitating appointments and managing finances, the healthcare ecosystem comprises a diverse array of professionals. Clinicians, tasked with diagnosing and treating patients, collaborate with administrators and practitioners to ensure comprehensive and accessible healthcare for all.


This exploration underscores the significance of healthcare professionals in navigating the complexities of modern healthcare. By tracing their historical origins and evaluating their evolving roles, it becomes evident that healthcare professionals are the cornerstone of patient-centric care delivery.


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BHA FPX 4003 Assessment 3 Health Care Professionals: Roles and Responsibilities

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