BHA FPX 4104 assessment 3 Organizational Communication Plan

BHA FPX 4104 assessment 3 Organizational Communication Plan

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BHA FPX 4104 Assessment 3 Organizational Communication Plan

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BHA-FPX4104 Strategic Leadership and Workforce Planning in Health Care

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Organizational Communication Plan Analysis of Patient Dissatisfaction at Metropolitan Health

Data aggregation from various outlets has been undertaken to scrutinize patient discontent at Metropolitan Health. Surveys administered during patient stays have yielded pivotal real-time insights into the internal milieu. Among the parameters scrutinized through this data is patient response to wait times and holistic experience. This dataset can serve as a compass for augmenting operational efficacy within the establishment, thereby steering the formulation of organizational edicts to counteract adverse feedback.

Communication Best Practices

Competent communication constitutes a cornerstone in healthcare for ensuring patient safety and dispensation of quality care (Baker & Watson, 2015). Patient surveys at Metropolitan Health have spotlighted substantial apprehensions concerning courtesy, esteem, and the facility to pose inquiries. A considerable segment of patients exhibits reluctance in recommending the facility to others. Ameliorating communication quandaries necessitates an evaluation of the extant system via a gap analysis and the enactment of training regimens to normalize communication across all sectors.

Stakeholders in Healthcare

Stakeholders in the healthcare domain, encompassing the community, patients, governmental programs, personnel, and third-party entities, harbor a vested stake in the organization’s prosperity. Substandard communication can breed skepticism, impinging on performance and financial backing. Cultivating trust and refining communication are imperative for upholding stakeholder endorsement and ensuring the hospital’s triumph.

Communication Strategies for Improvement

Metropolitan Health necessitates a comprehensive communication stratagem congruent with its ethos of furnishing quality care. Integrating evidence-based tactics into staff education, nurturing a communicative ethos, exploiting patient feedback for protocol reassessment, and harnessing technology for heightened communication represent pivotal strides toward enhancement (Li, 2017; Haxby, 2020).

BHA FPX 4104 Assessment 3 Organizational Communication Plan


Recent patient surveys have pinpointed communication, appointment scheduling, and staff demeanor as pivotal areas for enhancement at Metropolitan Health. Collaborative endeavors among stakeholders and concerted actions toward enhanced communication are indispensable for harmonizing with the hospital’s mission. Deployment of evidence-based communication methodologies can accentuate patient contentment and contribute to the hospital’s overarching triumph.


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BHA FPX 4104 Assessment 3 Organizational Communication Plan

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