BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

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BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

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Capella University

BIO FPX 1000 Human Biology

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 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

Several common misconceptions persist regarding the COVID-19 vaccination, impacting various groups, including pregnant women and those attempting to conceive. Despite more than two years since the onset of the pandemic, significant misunderstanding and misinformation persist. The safety of the vaccination for expectant mothers remains a contentious issue, particularly concerning beliefs that vaccines may cause miscarriage or pose dangers to pregnant women (Wang et al., 2021). Given these challenges, this presentation focuses on the topic of COVID-19 vaccines and their effects on pregnant individuals as part of BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Homework: Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate.

One or More Additional Resources

The article “COVID-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy: Coverage and Safety” provides a comprehensive analysis of the effects of COVID-19 vaccination on pregnancy. The information presented in this article serves as robust evidence supporting the stance advocated in this presentation. The article, based on studies conducted at London’s University Hospital National Health Science Organization, addresses concerns regarding the safety of COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women (Blakeway et al., 2021).

The journal article relies on a cohort study, demonstrating that vaccinated and unvaccinated pregnant women experienced similar outcomes. The research conclusively shows that COVID-19 immunization does not impact perinatal outcomes or fertility. Additionally, the article recommends mRNA vaccinations for expecting women, emphasizing their popularity and lower side effects (Blakeway et al., 2021).

The credibility of the chosen article is evaluated using a credibility framework. Hosted on the .gov domain, the article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is considered legitimate, meeting the CRAAP test criteria. Professionals with expertise in vaccinations and immunizations, including doctors, researchers, and epidemiologists, evaluated the study, enhancing its reliability. The CDC’s administration oversees the content to meet educational goals for various healthcare professionals and stakeholders (Wei et al., 2021).

Media or Internet Topic

Reddit, a social news and information website, is a popular platform for sharing and discovering stories. However, it often disseminates incorrect information. Despite being widely used for information, Reddit lacks independent verification of its content. Propaganda subreddits contribute to the spread of misinformation, including false beliefs about the safety of vaccines for pregnant women (Lee et al., 2021).

What Was Learned About the Selected Topic

Research findings indicate that COVID-19 vaccination reduces the risk of infection and severe complications in pregnant women. The CDC recommends vaccination for pregnant, nursing, and those planning to conceive, emphasizing its safety and lack of negative impact on fertility (Kalidas, 2021).

Specific Symptoms or Prevention Methods Identified

Pregnant women with COVID-19 are at a higher risk of severe complications and adverse outcomes for the child. Preventive measures include using disinfectants, frequent handwashing, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding crowded places. Healthy lifestyle choices contribute to overall well-being (Abrams et al., 2022).

Determination of Topic Information

The investigation relies on academic, peer-reviewed articles, using the CRAAP test to assess source credibility. Articles from .gov and .org domains, including the CDC, were predominantly used to ensure reliability. Cross-referencing with reputable sources further validated the information (Lotfi et al., 2020).


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation about vaccination, particularly among pregnant women, spreads easily on social media platforms like Reddit. Critical evaluation of information from reputable sources is crucial to dispel false assumptions related to COVID-19 vaccination (Abrams et al., 2022).


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BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

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BIO FPX 1000 Assessment 7 Media and Internet: Accurate vs Inaccurate

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