Brett L. Walker. A Concise History of Japan


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Brett L. Walker. A Concise History of Japan. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

How well does Walkers final chapter (chapter 15) function as a conclusion to his narrative of the history of Japan? 

After reading Chapter 15, re-read Walkers Preface and Introduction. Has Walker returned to the themes and/or central questions that he began with at the start of the book? 

Do the Preface and Introduction at the beginning and Chapter 15 at the end work well together to frame the story of Japanese history as he wants to tell it? 

What are the major themes that Walker develops in this textbook?

Can you think of other, alternative ways in which the story of Japan could be told? 

Other themes, other ways of framing the story at the beginning and the conclusion? 

Are there aspects of the history of Japan which (in your opinion) Walker did not pay sufficient attention to because they did not fit with his theme? 

What are those other aspects of Japanese history? 

How would the book have looked if those themes had been a greater focus?

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