Bulimia Nervosa Disorder

DescriptionIntroduction: (First Two Slides) Introduce the disorder you will be discussing. Discuss the core features, the typicalage of onset, the course of the developmental period, etc. Briefly explain why it would be important for children/teens to be aware of thisdisorder. For example, how might they be affected by it? Finally, choose and explain 2-3 symptoms and/or features of the disorder. For example, you might choose to address theanhedonia of irritability in depression.b) Mini Skills: (2 Slides) This should focus on specific skills and interventions to address Bulimia Nervosa and the symptoms and/or features youve chosen above. Remember to present these ina way that makes sense to a child/teen audience. This means you should refrainfrom jargon and overly complex interventions. You should only use empirically supported skills and interventions. This should notbe based on your opinion and/or anecdotal evidence this should be rooted intheory and course material! Look for journal articles and other sources that arespecifically geared toward children/teens experiencing psychiatric disorders, andthen work to paraphrase this material in your own words that are easily digestibleto your audience. For example, what is an empirically supported intervention for addressinganhedonia in children/teens? How would you convey that to a child/teen audience?c) Community Resources and Other Sources of Support: (2 Slides) You will research 2-3 community resources or other sources of support to presentto your audience. Explain why these resources would be helpful based on the information presentedin the previous sections. Keep in mind issues related to confidentially and/ortreatment of minors, as well as any important social justice and equityconsiderations.d) Reflection: (1 Page Paper.) You will be required to turn in a one page reflection (Note: This is a firm page limit if you exceed one page, you will earn a zero for this portion of the assignment.). Here, you should discuss your general thoughts about this assignment: Was ithelpful? What are the challenges of working with children/teens versus adults? Wasit difficult to make your presentation digestible for a younger audience? Make sure to include your reference list here, too. This will not count toward your page limit

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