Case Study For Birth Control Discussion Paper

Case Study For Birth Control Discussion Paper

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The assigned case study was of a 21-year-old Filipino college student residing in the dormitory who wanted to know about birth control. The first communication technique is creating a safe, welcoming clinical environment which is important in establishing trust and open communication. Some patients may be uncomfortable talking about their sexual partners, sexual history, and sexual practices (Herbert, 2018). Health providers should be trained on trauma-informed care to help them apply patient-centered and sensitive care to all patients. Another technique is using open-ended questions to gather relevant reasons for the young woman seeking birth control pills. Futhermore, making good eye contact is another good method that shows good listening and good attention capability. According to Abrah (2021), Case Study For Birth Control Discussion Paper


the nurse should also educate and inform the patient about various birth control methods to help them decide the best option for her. I would also give the patient the opportunity to speak to me privately about their concerns they are have regarding the birth control method. Some patients may also be experiencing intimate partner violence, and seeking medical care is their only access to safe resources. The nurse should be prepared to link the patient to the required resources. I will also minimize note-taking during sensitive questions and assure confidentiality and its limits. This will prompt the young Filipino to disclose sensitive information. However, the nurse should disclose where confidentiality may be breached, such as reporting abuse and suicidal ideation (Reddy & Khan, 2019). The risk assessment tool I would use is a comprehensive sexual history template. Clinicians developed this template to assess the health risks associated with a person’s sexual history and behavior (White, 2020)Case Study For Birth Control Discussion Paper.

It has questions that may be asked at the initial visit, follow-up visits, and testing for sexually transmitted infections. It comprises questions about the person’s gender identity and sexual practices, e.g., the first time to have sex, examines whether the person has a history of sexually transmitted infection, birth control methods, and intentions to get pregnant. The health provider may use the collected data to assess the client’s risk for early pregnancy depending on the risk factors the patient presents with. Hence, this tool is effective in helping the patient develop interventions for protecting against pregnancies. Targeted Questions Are you sexually active? How many sexual partners do you have? What kind of sexual contact do you have? Anal? Oral or genital? Do you have a history of STIs? Do you use any protection during sexual intercourse? If not, what is the reason? If yes, what kind of protection? It is important for us as providers to understand how to obtain a good health history for our patients. Good communication, safe environment and good eye contact will help patients to build trust and be able to open up to any questions being asked by the practitioner. Case Study For Birth Control Discussion Paper

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