Case Study On Anemia Discussion Paper

Case Study On Anemia Discussion Paper

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Mrs. Wideman, a 60-year-old African American female, presents with three months’ duration of interrupted sleep. She states that each night she finds herself repositioning herself and moving her legs constantly. She has tried rubbing her legs with horse liniment, drinking two glasses of wine before bed, and placing a bar of soap near the foot of the bed. She is so tired in the morning that she has increased her daily caffeine intake to now include three cups of regular coffee and large caffeinated sodas throughout the day. Nothing has worked thus far to stop this motion. She also reports that she recently was hospitalized because she needed a hysterectomy. She had excessive vaginal bleeding for about 2 weeks before the surgery. While she was discharged with a prescription for iron, she did not have it filled as she stated that she is always constipated and did not want to experience that feeling. When questioned about her diet, she states that she has been a vegan for 3 years because she is an animal activist and refuses now to eat meat, fish, or any animal products that she is aware of in her foods and beverages. Case Study On Anemia Discussion Paper


Vital Signs: Temperature 98.6F, Pulse 92, Respirations 24, Blood Pressure 100/64

Describe how you would address the patient’s needs and what may be included in your patient-centered treatment plan.

Please include EBP, research studies, and/or reliable electronic sources to support your arguments.

The case is about Mrs. Wideman, a 60 year old patient who came to the clinic with symptoms of interrupted sleep and moving her legs constantly. One way to address this patient’s needs is to create a diet plan to enable her consume nutritious meals rich in iron. The patient is a vegetarian and does not consume animal products. For this reason, it is important to create a diet plan that contains plant-based meals that are rich in iron (Lasocki et al., 2020). Another way to address this patient’s needs is to provide education regarding their health condition. The patient also needs to be educated about medication adherence and how they can reduce their symptoms. Usually, a patient who presents symptoms of anemia is given iron supplements to raise the level of iron and hemoglobin in the body (Turner et al., 2022). Constipation is one side effect of these supplements, which the patient stated that they did not want to experience that feeling (Bloor et al., 2021)Case Study On Anemia Discussion Paper. Patient education will enable the patient to understand the importance of iron supplements and strategies that they could employ to minimize the side effect of this medication, which is constipation. Therefore, developing a diet plan for the patient and educating them about their health condition are some of the ways to address their needs.

The patient’s nutritional preference is one thing to include in the patient-centered treatment plan. The patient does not consume animal products because she is an animal activist. She prefers vegetarian meals to meat and animal products. For this reason, when creating the diet plan, it is prudent to consider their nutritional preferences and select foods that are plant- and grain-based. Thus, the patient’s nutritional preference is an important element to include in the patient-centered treatment plan. Case Study On Anemia Discussion Paper


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