Change Champions Essay Discussion Paper

Change Champions Essay Discussion Paper

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Discussion: Change Champions

Change Champions and Opinion Leaders

Change champions are essentially influential and respectful leaders within the organization in which they serve. They are not necessarily part of the management team but typically are aligned to be the primary point of contact between stakeholders in specified departments and the project team throughout the duration of the change process (Office of the controller, 2022). An opinion leader is someone who has earned not only notable expertise and authority in their field but also has the trust of the individuals whom they serve. These individuals act as the liaison between marketers and the target audiences for a product, where they summarize the product’s pros and cons in a manner in the audience can interpret (SendPulse, 2022)Change Champions Essay Discussion Paper.


Based on my understanding, a change champion is employed by the organization as a change stakeholder that is responsible for bridging the gap between executive management parties and a project (change) team. They have a vested interest within the organization in a sense because their livelihood is dependent on the success in which events occur in the company. The primary difference based on my interpretation is that an opinion leader is not part of the organization but rather like a celebrity or influencer that is being paid in order to promote clarity between products and potential buyers. Using their influential outreach, ability to study product specifics, and similar authoritative direction (their followers will listen) make them ideal for this type of work. Another type of opinion leader that we use at our local organization is a consultant/marketer. Their expertise, trust, and ability to move outside of the organization make it easier to outreach more easily (gives an outside perspective) than just using internal vision alone. Change Champions Essay Discussion Paper

Practice Problem: Human Resource Needs

The two primary human resources need for my practice are development and safety/health. As the organization is primarily remote access and the issue is communication, it is imperative that new/existing employees have the resources they need for continued development (Lumen Learning, 2022). This means that new employees must be properly trained for their role and fully understand how to operate all of the remote functions of the company. Furthermore, internal training and educational (remote) programs developed after correcting the practice problem will have to be introduced and maintained in order to keep the problem from resurfacing.

The second resource is achieving the best practices within the healthcare industry that includes considering the health and safety of the nurses as well. This splinters off from the continued education aspect where remote classes are continued to be provided in order to keep up with the legal requirements of the job function. Meaning, do not send a nurse to apply care if they are unsure or have not been trained on the procedure or let nurses go to a house without proper PPE. As safety requirements for the employees are constantly being changed, new safety measures will have to be trained either while the nurse is at the facility or remotely through visual conferences (Lumen Learning, 2022)Change Champions Essay Discussion Paper. I believe these two human resources are the most important because lack of development support and safety/health is being endangered by the practice problem. If I am provided adequate human resources in these two fields to support the communication issue change, then all three entities can work in tandem to ensure it does not happen again in the future.


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