Coaching And Mentoring Discussion Paper

Coaching And Mentoring Discussion Paper

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The terms mentor and coach have often been used interchangeably. While the terms share a common concept, they are really different. Coaching and mentoring play a significant role in enhancing employee performance in an organization. By offering mentoring programs, healthcare providers can enhance care and improve the general standards of the healthcare facility. It is important to understand that the mentoring offered to novice and experienced educators differs in an organization. According to NLN. 2007)Coaching And Mentoring Discussion Paper, mentoring is considered a nurturing process in which more experienced people counsel and advise less experienced people to promote their personal development.


In an educational setting, an experienced teacher can allow a preservice teacher-in-training into their classroom so that they can understand the professional skills required by teachers in modern-day schools. Mentors should establish that the needs of teachers differ at various levels of professional development. Therefore, mentors should be aware when striving to help novice educators (NLN. 2007). Most nurse educators from DNP or PhD programs who lack education courses tend to need help with their role. This group of professionals should be mentored so that they can adapt essential skills such as assisting novice learners. Nurse educators are expected to have requisite knowledge as stated by the NLN Core Competencies. Mentoring experienced educators is often about introducing them to a new development. A specific technology developer often does such mentoring and works to monitor and support the mentee. At this point, mentors help experienced educators overcome certain challenges with their skills and knowledge. For novice educators, mentors have to supervise literally everything. When mentoring novice educators, mentors should remain professional without becoming overbearing. Since novice teachers need more education courses and are unfamiliar with the new setting, monitoring and illustrating everything required is crucial. Coaching And Mentoring Discussion Paper


NLN. (2007). Nurse educator competencies: Creating an evidence-based practice for nurse           educators. J. A. Halstead (Ed.). New York, NY: NLN.

Coaching And Mentoring Discussion Paper

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