Communication Theory Reading Report

Communication Theory Reading Report

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read the book chapter “Co-Cultural Theory of Mark Orbe.” It is available on e-reserves and tagged as Reading Report 7. The chapter deals with how dominant and nondominant cultures communicate with each other. The Reading Report should be at least 400 words and 4 paragraphs in length.

Note: be aware that although the chapter summarizes research conducted by Orbe, the authors of the chapter are Em Griffin, Andrew Ledbetter, and Glenn Sparks. Therefore, you should cite it parenthetically as (Griffin, Ledbetter, and Sparks, p. 2) rather than (Orbe, p. 2).

Reading Report Organization. Your micro theme should be at least 400 words and should address the following points.

Paragraph 1. Explain what Orbe means by “co-cultures” and “dominant cultures.” What doesn’t Orbe use the term ‘subculture’ or ‘minority group’? (3-4 sentences).

Paragraph 2. In the section labeled “Communication Orientation,” Orbe identifies 3 different communication practices that members of co-cultural groups can use when communicating with dominant groups. Define and explain each of these approaches in 1-2 sentences each. (4-5 total sentences).

Paragraph 3. In the section labeled “Assimilation as a Preferred Outcome,” Orbe identifies 3 different possible outcomes of interactions between co-cultural groups and non-dominant groups. Define and explain each of these outcomes in 1-2 sentences each. (4-5 total sentences).

Paragraph 4. Orbe argues that the 3 preferred outcomes and 3 communication practices can be combined to create 9 different communication orientations. Rather than asking you to explain all 9 communication orientations.


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