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Part I: Post your scores and decisions on the four tasks for delegation from the power point slide patient following the instructions in the power point Include any comments as instructed. DO NOT COPY OR EMBED GRID INTO MODULE POSTING. Your mentor may ask you to send a copy of your working grid if they do not understand/agree with your decisions. 

Part II: Using the short scenario below, answer the questions that follow in paragraph format. Use the readings on communication and delegation for context and citations, and the NCSBN-ANA Delegation Decision Tree as directed.  Must have minimum of 2-3 in text citations that follow APA format. 

A young nurse working on a med/surg unit has just received a new admission from the emergency room. The patient is a 60-year-old male with COPD just admitted with an exacerbation of COPD. The quick assessment revealed that he has a slight increase in his work of breathing and mild expiratory wheezes. He is anxious and frequently asking to be repositioned and wants the head of the bed elevated at all times. He is wet from being incontinent of urine while on the ER stretcher and needs vital signs in addition to being cleaned up. 

The nurse speaks to the UAP and asks that he obtain vital signs, clean the patient, and remove the wet sheets from underneath the him. His response is ok, no problem. About 20 minutes later the nurse realizes that the UAP has not brought them the vital signs, but when looking at the computer, sees that they have been entered. The charted vital signs are BP 150/80, HR 120, RR 20, and PO Sat 90%. The nurse is concerned that the UAP did not report the elevated HR and decreased PO Saturation and is not convinced that the documented respiratory rate is correct. 

One Two Paragraphs:

1. Using Step two in the NCSBN-ANA Decision-Making Tree (Communication) as your guide to address below

a. Describe your perception of the effectiveness of the communication between the nurse and the UAP

b. Identify the primary limitation with the way the request was communicated (delegated) to the UAP and acknowledge (received) by the UAP 

The nurse goes to the patients room and finds the UAP changing the sheets with the patient on their side and the head of the bed down. The patient is in moderate distress. After settling the patient and stabilizing him, the nurse needs to re-evaluate their decision to delegate this task.

2. Review the information in Step one of the Decision-Making Tree (Assessment and Planning) and using the information from that section and the textbook readings, identify and discuss the mistakes the nurse made in delegating this task to the UAP (identify and discuss at least 2 mistakes). Include specific information from the case study to support your choices. 

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