Comprehensive Discussion On The Quantitative Research Design

Comprehensive Discussion On The Quantitative Research Design

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Identify potential threats to the validity of the research example. If the study can still be considered valid, how might the results be used to change nursing practice?

I appreciate your comprehensive discussion on the quantitative research design, its advantages and disadvantages, and how statistical conclusions, validity, and reliability impact a study’s potential to provide an evidence-based practice solution. I concur that the given example, which looks at the relationship between college students’ academic achievement and sleep duration through a cross-sectional design, clearly represents quantitative research. Recognizing the cross-sectional design’s limitations, especially regarding causation and potential biases like recollection bias, is essential, even if it provides effectiveness and quick findings. These factors indeed cast doubt on the reliability of the study’s conclusions. The findings within the study’s parameters are, however, valid despite these shortcomings. By being aware of these constraints, researchers can carefully evaluate the results, realizing that they offer insightful information on relationships between sleep duration and academic achievement among the college students in the sample at a particular point in time (Barroga & Matanguihan, 2022)Comprehensive Discussion On The Quantitative Research Design.


The findings of this study may still be significant in terms of its possible influence on nursing practice. Nurses could use these results to support better sleep hygiene among college students, considering the potential impact on academic achievement (Belita et al., 2022). The study highlights a problem nurses could address by providing education and interventions supporting good sleep habits, even though it may not prove causation. Additionally, nurses working with them could utilize the study’s findings to guide their assessments and interventions by acknowledging the possible impact of sleep duration on college students’ academic success. As a result, even with the research design’s limitations, the study’s conclusions can still promote evidence-based nursing practice by highlighting the significance of getting enough sleep for college students and providing direction for focused interventions that will help them succeed academically Comprehensive Discussion On The Quantitative Research Design.


Barroga, E., & Matanguihan, G. J. (2022). A Practical Guide to Writing Quantitative and Qualitative Research Questions and Hypotheses in Scholarly Articles. Journal of Korean medical science, 37(16), e121.

Belita, E., Fisher, K., Yost, J., Squires, J. E., Ganann, R., & Dobbins, M. (2022). Validity, reliability, and acceptability of the Evidence-Informed Decision-Making (EIDM) competence measure. PloS one, 17(8), e0272699. Comprehensive Discussion On The Quantitative Research Design


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