Continuous Process Vs. Development In Stages & Universal Vs Context-Specific Perspectives On Development


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There are several main issues in human development that are subject to controversy. Some researchers maintain for example, that development is a continuous process throughout life while others view development as happening in stages. In responding to the following questions, cite the page numbers from the textbook where you found your answers.

Describe the continuity (qualitative) vs discontinuity (quantitative) perspectives on how people change over time developmentally. Provide at least one example from the text supporting each perspective. Cite the page numbers from the text where you drew your information from. A study indicating older people who were cranky when younger are still cranky when older would support the notion of continuity rather than discontinuity.
Describe the universal versus context-specific perspectives on development. In other words, does culture impact development or does development occur regardless of sociocultural context? Give at least one example that supports each perspective. An example of a context-specific factor impacting development can be seen when children in some African cultures who are carried piggyback style learn to walk months earlier than North American infants. These infants have the opportunity to strengthen specific muscle groups that are involved in walking.

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