Create an experiment investigating a political science phenomena

DescriptionBasically have to conduct a research design on a political science question. The following are the guidelines. The paper is supposed to be of 2000 words -Theory (30% approx , 600 words)Design of the study ( 45% approx , 1000 words)Analysis strategy (25% approx , 400 words)Appendix ( including measures you’ll use to conduct the study like questionnaires , surveys etc)Under theory , have to include the following – 1 Motivation – why do you wanna conduct research on this question/field 2 Research question – Research question has to be a political one and a causal question – for instance , does an increase in inflation lead to an increase in vote share for populist parties3 Definition of concepts and operationalization – define the tvariables and how you’ll operationalize -measure them. Question Should have an Independent and dependent variable(s)4 Brief literature review (min. of 6 papers)5 Possible mechanisms – explain why do you expect the relationship between Iv and Dv6 Hypotheses Design of the study – Type of research design/methods employed ( can be regression discontinuity design or Difference in Difference method)2 Population of interest3 Data sources and sampling strategy 4 Independent variables/treatments5 Dependent variables/outcome measurement6 Assumptions (if causal: independence, excludability,non-interference)7 Execution of study/practicalities8 Ethical considerationsIf quantitative: Estimator / regression equations / inferenceabout relationships (how do you quantify uncertainty)?2 If qualitative: Codebook, examples3 Hypothesis testing (one or two-tailed?)4 Any complications you forsee5 Robustness checksHave material on all of this , pls shoot me an email to access it and further explain the assignement

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