Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper

Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper

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Currently, the selected practice problem is working for what want to correct. There have been recent patient impacts that warrant the change and the team has brainstormed ways to rectify it through quality improvement approaches. We have also identified stakeholders, more specifically, stakeholders that can help with the problem. Instead of encompassing individuals all the way up the chain to the CEO level, we found that we can achieve the same level of change staying at the director level. As a medium-sized company, directors and managers have more power than in larger companies and have access to budgets that will correct catastrophic practice gaps without having to seek approval from the world. As the most recent patient impact devastated care and caused unfortunate side effects for the patient. The team is eagerly motivated to apply action. Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper


Not Working

Time seems to be the killer of the entire change process. Everyone at the organization is very busy, where Monday through Fridays are typically booked up or our downtime is not lining up. Weekends are almost impossible as people do have family lives, which is understandable. As the location is roughly an hour away from my clinic, this makes sporadic times to meet also impossible to achieve. If we are unable to meet together in person by this weekend, we will fall back to FaceTime/Zoom/Microsoft Team meetings, where we can still be able to see each other while we are talking. Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper

Pending Changes

The primary change will be to move face-to-face meetings to another platform, like Microsoft Teams. We feel that this would still allow for visual meetings without having to take extended time from work or family. As for changes immediately following the patient impact, we have considered addressing the problem in real-time, and we have linked back to a possible change in leadership strategies. It seems that nurses on the front line are worried or not engaged to bring up possible mistakes because they feel they will be fired. After speaking with the office manager and director of the team, this is not the case, but rather a misinterpretation. They want to know what is going on, what is working, and what is not. It seems the communication gap is also altering how people within the organization think of each other. Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper


Evidence for leadership characteristics that motivate and support communication is the same leadership style that I keep falling back to. Something that I brought up in the management of the team is transformational leadership. They have heard of the style before and were welcoming to the cause, it is just hard when both sides of the equation (boss and employee) have communication faults. So, as a part of the communication gap correction, we will be adding and addressing concerns of both sides and developing a plan that will foster the implementation of transformational leadership styles during a trial run. This would refine the practice-focused question to encompass more than just nurse-to-patient communication gaps but to also address nurse-to-nurse communication as well. For this, we will address the problem at two different stages (keep it small so everyone is not overwhelmed). The first stage will be addressing the communication with the patient, which was the primary reason for the project meetings in the first place.  Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper Stage two will be addressing the communication between team members of the organization, using tasks/implementations that worked from stage one, in an effort to cut down on learning curves. Defining and Refining the Problem Response Paper

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