Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper

Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper

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Provide additional insight that might be useful and appropriate for the issue addressed. Use your learning resources and/or evidence from the literature to support your position.

Discussion Response ( Ange)

Psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety can have a marked stigma both on healthcare as a whole and on patients who present to the clinic for treatment. With the different array of diagnoses possible and possible pathological causes for some of these psychiatric symptoms, it is a difficult field in which to tackle as a provider. For example, neurological diseases such as MS, Alzheimerâ€s disease, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinsonâ€s disease can be masked as depression in some patients (Maurer et al., 2019). Anxiety can be confused with other pathological ailments such as cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease, IBS, vitamin deficiencies, or even AIDS (Maurer et al., 2019)Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper.


Depression can have symptoms such as insomnia, lack of interest in things once loved, hopelessness, fatigue, increased or decreased appetite, psychomotor issues, or suicidal ideation (Coughlin et al., 2021). This may be combined with other issues such as substance abuse or comorbid medical issues that require more than just treatment of the depression, the substance abuse, or the comorbid issue alone (Klein Breteler et al., 2021). This may require the provider to draw baseline labs with TSH levels, testosterone levels, FSH levels, LH levels, PTH levels, hemoglobin A1c, and a basic metabolic panel to determine if there is anything blatantly pathologic going on with the patient besides psychologically. Screenings through the DSM or by using PHQ can give a provider an idea of how a patient is feeling psychologically, however, if there is a pathological reason behind their feeling low, anxious, etc., these must be ruled out as well. Treatment for depression can range from SSRIs, SNRIs, and cognitive behavioral therapy, to electroshock therapy for those who have been resistant to treatment (Klein Breteler et al., 2021)Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper.

For anxiety, a differential comprehensive analysis and assessment must be made in order to rule out pathological reasons for the patientâ€s anxiety. Labs similar to the ones listed above can be included in that analysis, as well as a thorough assessment of the patientâ€s social, physical, and mental history (Garakani et al., 2020). Treatment for anxiety is similar to depression with psychotherapy being at the forefront of importance and pharmaceuticals being placed second. Depending on the type of anxiety the patient has, SSRIs, SRNIs, MAOIs (not used often due to many drug interactions), anticonvulsants, anxiolytic drugs, and azapirones have shown benefits(Ames et al., 2021). As needed benzodiazepines are being used less and less due to their high probability of abuse and have been replaced by medications such as hydroxyzine (Betcher & Wisner, 2020)Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper.

When patients present to the practice with a combination of symptoms or more in-depth psychiatric issues such as bipolar disorder, it is even more paramount to ensure there is no other pathological factors causing mental health symptoms. Bipolar patients may be treated with medications similar to those with depression and anxiety due to overlying issues on top of their bipolar diagnosis. However, many patients with bipolar disorder take antipsychotic medications which put them at risk for metabolic syndrome, increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease and death (Rognoni et al., 2021). Some of these medications also can cause prolonged QT syndrome which can cause a fatal arrhythmia (Rognoni et al., 2021). For instance, many medications that are used to treat bipolar disorder, such as lithium, if not taken correctly can cause disastrous effects on the patientâ€s body. Being able to recognize this and address this issue can be important to their overall health, especially in times where they are unable to recognize their own crises (Betcher & Wisner, 2020)Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper.

One important aspect to remember when caring for women who take psychiatric medications and are of child-bearing age, do not tell them to stop taking their medications when they get pregnant. As a provider, there are only a handful of medications that are not safe for a woman to take for mental health during her pregnancy such as lithium, Depakote/Valproic Acid, Paxil, some anti-psychotics, and benzodiazepines(Ames et al., 2021). Benzos do not cause direct harm to the baby, however, when the baby is born the baby may struggle with addiction to the benzos if the mother took them throughout her pregnancy (Ames et al., 2021). It is very important that a woman speak with a GYN specialist about her medication regimen regarding her mental health medications prior to stopping any medications. In some cases, keeping the mother on her medications is a benefit versus risks situation due to the motherâ€s frail mental status (Creeley & Denton, 2019). If a patient is of childbearing age, the discussion maybe brought up about children, what the plan is, and to place the patient on a drug that will be safe if the patient were to get pregnant. Depression And Anxiety Essay Assignment Paper

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