Depression in Pregnant And Postpartum Women Essay

Depression in Pregnant And Postpartum Women Essay

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My Windshield assessment cornered a suburban area of mostly young families. I believe that one important role of a community health nurse would be working with new mothers and providing a holistic screening, both objective and subjective, that would assess physical, phycological, socioeconomic, and spiritual needs. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), postpartum depression and/or anxiety happens to new mothers in 15% of births and they recommend women be screened for postpartum depression and anxiety. “Direct and indirect evidence suggested that screening pregnant and postpartum women for depression may reduce depressive symptoms in women with depression and reduce the prevalence of depression” (O’Connor et al., 2016, p. 406). Depression in Pregnant And Postpartum Women Essay



A community health nurse is invaluable to a new mother who is not concentrating on her own health when a new babyâ€s care is the center of her attention. Postpartum diagnosis can encompass so many issues that a community health nurse can plan and help the new mother navigate through. Assessment for fatigue due to stress and disturbed sleep schedule, constipation due to reduced fluid intake or fear of painful defecation, at risk of falls due to orthostatic hypotension, dehydration due to lack of intake, and inadequate nutrition due to lack of education. Depression in Pregnant And Postpartum Women Essay

In review of 2030 Healthy People Social Determinants of Health the neighborhood has a mostly positive overview. Safe housing is evident by the age, upkeep and environmental factors. Although public transportation is lacking most families have privately owned means of transport. There are no overt signs of racism, discrimination, or violence, the crime rate is low and there is a noticeable police patrolling presence. The education, occupational position, and income level is above average compared to the extended area. Again, there is access to food, goods, and opportunities for physical activities within a short driving distance. Air pollution is low and many residents maintain a well, though public water is available for anyone who chooses. Almost everyone, 97%, share English as their spoken language. Depression in Pregnant And Postpartum Women Essay



O’Connor, E., Rossom, R. C., & Henninger, M. (2016, January). Primary Care Screening for and Treatment of Depression in Pregnant and Postpartum Women. The Journal of the American Medical Associati

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