Developing Mental Health Nursing

DescriptionReport of a case scenario A 2000 Word Report outlining the assessment and care planning required for the physical and mental health of a mental health service user. 1) Present a formulation of the service user, using a recognised model, which demonstrates how data derived from assessment explains the causative factors of the services users mental health problems.2) Demonstrate the ability to apply and explain the use of biological, psychological and social interventions with this service user, incorporating risk management, multiprofessional collaboration, person-centred care planning and carer involvement.3) Give an analytical account of how the effectiveness of care for this service user was assured and evaluated. Refer to multi professional and multi-agency involvement and recognised evaluation frameworks.4) Analyse any legal and ethical issues and unmet needs and how these were addressed by the service and organisational processes.The case report needs to be supported with references of evidence-based practice, policy, guidelines and legal and ethical frameworks. A reference list needs to be included at the end of the case report.

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