Development Of The Christian Mind Discussion Paper

Development Of The Christian Mind Discussion Paper

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Reading Chapter 10 of the provided text has provided a handful of important insights that I can apply as a Christian. Among the ways I would apply the insights to retain a Christian mind is by engaging in systematic theological study, engaging in intellectual discussions with other members of the church. The expected benefit I would probably gain from doing all this is integrating faith into academic pursuits. Research by Moreland indicates that embracing a disciplined approach to spiritual and intellectual growth is important for developing and retaining a Christian mind (66)Development Of The Christian Mind Discussion Paper. There are several recommendations made in the Moreland text and chances are that varying responses would be received by the local church. It is highly likely that some members of the church would welcome the call for renewed emphasis on intellectual engagement. This would be helpful because it would help promote a deeper understanding of faith. It is also expected that some members of the local church would be opposed to these suggestions. With this in mind, it would be necessary for effective communication to be nurtured. The value in this is that it would help clarify the importance of integrating intellectual pursuits within the church context.


Yes, I do agree with Moreland’s recommendations because fostering a Christian mind through intellectual engagement aligns with the overall perception of and approach to faith. Arguably, the act of integrating rigorous theological study and thoughtful discussions has the potential to facilitate spiritual growth and strengthen the intellectual foundation of believers. Encouraging the development of a spiritual mind is what the Moreland text is centered on and calls for. In my position, I would encourage this by initiating study groups focused on theology. In addition to this, I would also provide resources and organize seminars appreciating that these would develop an atmosphere of open dialogue that would ultimately stimulate intellectual growth and deepen the integration of faith and reason within the community. Development Of The Christian Mind Discussion Paper

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Appendix 1: “Recommended Resources” (skim through it)
Appendix 2: “Recommended Organizations” (skim through it)

After reading this chapter and skimming the resources in the appendix of Moreland, what specifically might you start to do to develop and retain a Christian Mind? As for your local church, how do you think Moreland’s suggestions would be received there? Do you agree or disagree with his recommendations (and Why)? What might you begin to do to encourage the development of the Christian Mind in you Development Of The Christian Mind Discussion Paper

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