Different functional strategies of the corporation

  • Case study (1.5 Marks for each question)- Max 700 words

Read carefully the case No.26 from your textbook entitled Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Inc. (2008): Recipe for Success (Authors:Annie Phan and Joyce Vincelette) and answer the following questions:

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  • Briefly discuss the different functional strategies of the corporation (marketing, operations, distribution, HR, finance, and purchasing).
  • Describe the competitive position of the company. Briefly explain which type of competitive strategy is used.
  • What is/are the type(s) of the directional strategy (ies) used by the company? Justify.
  • How is the relationship between the company and its customers? What is the company doing to enhance their satisfaction and sustain the relationship with them? Justify

II. Mini-project (1 mark for each question)- Max 400 words

From a real national/international market, choose an example of acquisition or merger between companies and answer the following questions:

1)Present your chosen companies and explain the reasons for this acquisition/merger.

2)What is the method used by the company to manage the culture of
the acquired/merged company(ies)? Justify.

3)Assess the cultural compatibility of the companies.

4)Is this acquisition/merger successful? Why or why not? Discuss the competitive position of the company (after acquisition/merger).

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