Digital Access On Health Outcomes Discussion

Digital Access On Health Outcomes Discussion

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Discussion Response

Today’s healthcare and the entire world are increasingly becoming interlinked through modern communication technologies, such as broadband access and digital inclusion, which must be included as essential elements of the social determinants of health (SDOH). In agreement with your point, there has been an increasing focus on the critical role that nursing knowledge must play in using data to promote health equality and SDOH. According to Mulligan (2023), traditional SDOH emphasizes the built environment, healthcare, social context, education, and economic stability; however, the emergence of digital inequities calls for a more comprehensive approach. Benda et al. (2020) and Sieck et al. (2021) demonstrate the significant influence of digital access on health outcomes in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. Health disparities may be made worse by restricted access to telemedicine and difficulties using electronic health records (EHR). Since SDOH substantially impacts health outcomes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourage healthcare practitioners to consider this when evaluating patients and making treatment choices (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2022)Digital Access On Health Outcomes Discussion.


The CDC has recognized broadband connectivity as a factor of SDOH. It is essential for improving economic prospects and overall quality of life, especially when considering community differences. Additionally, policymakers have expressed various worries about the impact of the digital gap on health outcomes. This increases the need to critically recognize broadband access and digital inclusion as crucial elements of SDOH. Mulligan (2023) identified that fair access to digital resources is essential for improving population health and promoting health equality in our rapidly changing digital environment. Digital Access On Health Outcomes Discussion


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