Discussion Assignment

Discussion 1: Nodding/Ethics Codes

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For the discussion, complete these tasks:

1. Answer the discussion prompt in 6-8 sentences.

Discussion prompt: Near the end of the reading, Noddings discusses her use of the term “feminine” to describe her views. She implies that ethical theories like those of Kant and Mill are inappropriately “masculine” since they focus on abstract reasoning and calculation, rather than concrete circumstances and emotions. In light of this, answer one or more of the following questions:

· Do men and women on average think differently about ethics, and if so, how?

· Are ethical views like Kant’s categorical imperative and Mill’s utilitarianism inappropriately “masculine”?

· And is it appropriate to call Noddings account of care ethics a “feminine” view?

Required quote: As part of your answer, give and comment on a direct quote from the last section of the Noddings reading, “Women and Morality.” Put your quote in quotation marks with the in-text citation (Noddings, 1984/2010, “Women and Morality” section, para. ___).


Discussion 2: Noddings/Ethics Codes

For the discussion, complete these tasks:

1. Answer the discussion prompt in 6-8 sentences. Include a direct quote from your code of ethics.

Discussion Prompt: Briefly describe your research topic to the class. Then, give a quotation from your chosen code of ethics that relates to your topic. Explain what the quote means and how it relates to your research.

Required quote: Put the quote in quotation marks and use an in-text citation with author’s name, year (or n.d. if not listed), and section.

For example: “Represent products in a clear way in selling, advertising and other forms of communication; this includes the avoidance of false, misleading and deceptive promotion.” (American Marketing Association, n.d., “Fairness” section).

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