Different types of quantitative research designs

Please respond to this peer discussion post below.

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Must use a scholarly source that is not an internet source.

For example, a book or medical journal source is acceptable.

150-200 Words is acceptable.

Week 3 Discussion

There are different types of quantitative research designs that justify or support themselves in nursing research. Choose one quantitative type design and identify a major advantage and a major disadvantage of this design. Give an example how this quantitative research design could be used in nursing practice to solve a clinical problem (not one noted in your textbook). 

Peer post:

Different types of quantitative research designs include descriptive design, exploratory designs, experimental design and many other designs (Schmidt & Brown, 2021). Experimental design discusses the use of scientific methods which are needed to justify cause-effect relationship across numerous variables which form part of a study (Schmidt & Brown, 2021). One major advantage of experimental research is that can be used to identify relationship between cause and effect of two variables. Similarly, one major disadvantage of experimental research is that it is subject to human error this is due to specific variable control needed during the research which can be influenced by human error (Schmidt & Brown, 2021).

            In nursing practice, experimental design is applied when various patients who have similar disease but they get treated with different treatments on the same disease but the outcomes are compared to see which treatment is effective for the disease (George et al., 2017). For example, during covid-19 pandemic; various vaccines such as Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen have been experimented and approved in the US but each have some extend of effectiveness than the other.

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