EBP Models And Competencies Assignment Discussion

EBP Models And Competencies Assignment Discussion

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cenario: People are using both EBP models and the EBP competencies to integrate EBP into their organizations, academic curricula, and practices.

1. Discuss whether you believe you should utilize the EBP competencies and/or an EBP model to integrate EBP into your organizational culture and practice. Please provide your rationale. EBP Models And Competencies Assignment Discussion


I believe in utilizing EBP competencies and/or EBP models to integrate EBP into the organizational culture and practice as it employs the best collective sources of data to justify a marketable opinion and increase the possibility of a particular outcome or goal. Adoption of evidence-based competencies helps an organization foster evidence-based practices, which in turn improve patient outcomes and the quality of care. EBP helps healthcare professionals make more effective decisions by choosing safe, authentic solutions and being less dependable on outdated knowledge and past superficial solutions in decision-making, and this has a huge impact on patient safety, care, and wellbeing (Immonen et al., 2022)EBP Models And Competencies Assignment Discussion. Utilization of EBP models helps in the creation of a standardized framework that promotes the incorporation of the best available evidence in making clinical decisions. EBP models assist in sorting major opinions, resulting in competent professionalism in an organization. By utilizing EBP competencies, healthcare professionals are able to overcome invalid data from undocumented sources, rumors, and misinformed personal ideologies on how to deal with situations since these sources generate large amounts of information and deciding what to consider reliable may be difficult.

EBP models ensure prudent use of resources as they help minimize mistakes through the application of approaches with the most productive outcomes based on proven existing data on how to maximize profits with existing resources (Ramos‐Morcillo et al., 2021). By using the EBP model, healthcare managers can assess the impact by evaluating the outcomes of change. They are able to assess risks, formulate risk mitigation strategies, and, in some scenarios, develop interventions on risk management. With this, the organization recognizes and controls hazards in the workplace. EBP model utilization increases patient satisfaction due to the high quality of care offered, as it focuses on the provision of patient-focused care. The consistency of the services offered builds client trustworthiness. This motivates the workers, peaks the organization’s profits and success rates, and builds a strong foundation for business expansion with a clear vision of the end goals EBP Models And Competencies Assignment Discussion.


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Ramos‐Morcillo, A. J., Fernández‐Salazar, S., Leal‐Costa, C., & Ruzafa‐Martinez, M. (2021). Evidence‐based practice nurses’ competency: Spanish national survey and establishment of a scale of the EBP‐COQ‐Prof©. Journal of Nursing Management29(4), 794-804. EBP Models And Competencies Assignment Discussion

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