Economic Development Environment and People Essay Paper

Economic Development Environment and People Essay Paper

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Scenario: You are a nurse scientist at a large, urban, academic medical center. The nurses in your burn intermediate care unit are looking for alternative ways to manage pain during the painful dressing changes that acute burn patients must undergo. There is a rather large body of evidence testing the use of virtual reality as an alternative to pharmacological pain management modalities in pediatric burn patients in the pediatric world. The body of evidence suggests this is an excellent adjunct therapy that has been very effective. However, there is virtually no evidence in the adult world. You need to conduct a research study. Economic Development Environment and People Essay Paper


1. Considering the gap in the evidence, what type of research study would you do, quantitative or qualitative?

The type of research study design I would adopt is quantitative in nature. The quantitative research model is preferred as it will allow the researcher to collect data from a large group of different respondents and present the results in the form of charts, pictures, and statistics. The research topic is to assess the efficacy of virtual reality usage as an alternative to pharmacological pain management interventions in pediatric burn patients. Since the research question seeks to answer the “what” question, the quantitative method is ideal as it will help the researchers understand the relationships between dependent variables and the independent variable (Kandel, 2020). The quantitative model came to mind because it is scientific, efficient, and relatable. It will allow the researcher to compute and communicate results that are unbiased, allowing the researcher to make predictions outside the test sample. Well-designed quantitative research enables a researcher to test hypotheses by finding evidence supporting or disapproving of them. Economic Development Environment and People Essay Paper

The quantitative research method allows the researcher to conduct a thorough literature review to identify gaps in the existing body of knowledge. A researcher will be able to place the research question in context, have a unique approach to the research topic, and get an opportunity to review successful research methods by conducting a literature review (Mohajan, 2020). The quantitative research method will enable a researcher to choose the best study design, such as a randomized controlled trial, as in this case. This will help the researcher measure the efficacy of a new treatment intervention, reduce bias, and rigorously examine the cause-and-effect relationship. Lastly, the quantitative method gives room for clear and concise interpretation of findings, reporting, and dissemination of findings through conferences and other suitable platforms. Economic Development Environment and People Essay Paper



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