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*Topic: Brazil

*General Purpose: To inform

*Specific Purpose: By the end of this speech, my audience will have learned about the culture, the communication climate, and a recent event that happened in Brazil

Brazil: Land of Beauty and Culture


I. Did you know that Brazil has won the most World Cup titles in history?

II. Personally, I have never travelled to Brazil, but if I have a chance to visit any south American country, it would be Brazil and that is why I chose to research it.

III. Today I will speak about Brazil’s rich culture and etiquettes.

IV. First, I am going to tell you about the culture of Brazil. Second, I will talk about some of their cultural customs. Lastly, I will talk about a recent event that happened in Brazil.

Transition statement: Let me begin by telling you about Brazil’s culture.


I. The most dominant religion in Brazil is Roman Catholic.

A. According to the 2020 CultureGrams Online World Edition’s entry on Brazil, in the section “Religion,” the report states that “nearly 85 percent of the religion there was roman catholic.”

1. However, “it dropped to 65 percent, and other Christian churches are growing rapidly”, according to the CultureGrams article on Religion (CultureGrams, 2020).

2. People who were not Roman Catholic also known as the “Protestants,” now make up 22 percent of the population, also according to the same article In CultureGrams (CultureGrams, 2020).

B. Brazil’s official language is Portuguese.

1. However, the pronunciation differs slightly from the way it is spoken in Portugal (CultureGrams, 2020)

2. The other language that is spoken there is English. However, the teaching there is poor, only a few people know how to converse fluently in English (CultureGrams, 2020)

Transition statement: Now that you know a bit about their culture, let me tell you about their communication climate.

II. Brazil is a type of country that likes to avoid uncertainty.

A. According to Geert Hofstede and Michael Minkov’s research on the page “What about Brazil?” last updated in 2010, Brazilians are people that like to live for the moment and not worry about the future (Hofstede, 2020).

1. They have a score of 76 percent for uncertainty, showing just how much these people like to go with the flow (Hofstede, 2020).

B. Furthermore, the power distance in Brazil is immaculate.

1. They have a 69% power distance, meaning that people there understand that power is distributed unequally (Hofstede, 2020)

2. Furthermore, “Brazil reflects a society that believes in hierarchy should be respected and inequalities amongst people are acceptable” (Hofstede 2020).

Transition statement: Now, let me tell you about a recent event that happened there.

III. The Amazon rainforest has caught fire in Brazil.

A. According to the article “Amazon tragedy repeats itself as Brazil rainforest goes up in smoke” by Tom Philips in the September 2nd, 2020 edition of the Guardian, the fires are back in the Amazon rainforest.

1. There were giant fires coming from the rainforest, that were supposedly being protected (Philips, 2020)

2. The amazon rainforest should remain protected as it is one of the most important environmental features of the world.

B. Because of the pandemic, government inspections have scaled back.

1. This resulted in illegal loggers, land grabbers, and illegal minors all going into the amazon rainforest and taking stuff illegally (Philips, 2020).

2. The amazon rainforest should be not overlooked as it is one of the most important aspects in regulating oxygen for the entire world.

Transition statement: Now that I told you about Brazil, let me conclude by reviewing some key points.


I. First, I told you about the culture in Brazil, then I told you about Brazils communication climate, and lastly, I told you about a recent event that happened in Brazil.

II. Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you do ever get the chance to go there, don’t think twice.

III. Tchau!

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