Empowering Mental Health Assignment Paper

Empowering Mental Health Assignment Paper

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The planned health promotion effort aims to tackle the urgent problem of disparities in mental health among older people living in low-income communities. The distinct obstacles encountered by this group, exacerbated by financial circumstances, underscore the necessity for focused solutions. The initiative targets those 65 years of age and above because of their vulnerability to mental health problems that are made worse by financial difficulties. Our objective is in line with the Healthy People 2030 effort and aims to improve the general health of Americans, especially those from underprivileged communities. Empowering Mental Health Assignment Paper

Evidence-based methods and theories of health promotion—with a focus on the Social Cognitive Theory—form the cornerstone of this endeavor. The program aims to develop customized therapies by recognizing the impact of social interactions and environmental elements. To accommodate the many histories and tastes of the senior population, they include culturally relevant educational materials, mHealth applications, and community


A multimodal strategy is incorporated throughout the implementation phase to guarantee a thorough approach to mental health promotion. Culturally appropriate materials improve understanding, mHealth apps provide easily available information, and community workshops promote social connections and combat loneliness (Oppert et al., 2023). The selected intervention tactics emphasize cultural competence and community involvement, and they are in line with the requirements and challenges of the target group. Empowering Mental Health Assignment Paper

The assessment strategy includes longitudinal tracking, health metrics utilization, qualitative input, and quantitative measures. This comprehensive evaluation seeks to track participants’ changes in mental health, collect in-depth participant insights, and assess program adherence over time.

To sum up, this well-designed health promotion program that is based on evidence-based approaches aims to provide older people in low-income neighborhoods with equal mental health outcomes. The project not only offers a timely response by addressing the socioeconomic determinants of health and utilizing suitable technology, but it also establishes the foundation for future mental health policies and practices that are customized to underprivileged areas. Important insights concerning the role that technology integration, community involvement, and cultural relevance play in supporting mental health among older persons living in low-income communities were discovered during this process. Empowering Mental Health Assignment Paper


Oppert, M. L., Ngo, M., Lee, G. A., Billinghurst, M., Banks, S., & Tolson, L. (2023). Older adults’ experiences of social isolation and loneliness: Can virtual touring increase social connectedness? A pilot study. Geriatric Nursing, 53, 270-279.  Empowering Mental Health Assignment Paper

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