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FeasibilityStudyCase Study A feasibility study includes information to support the decision to move forward with the business idea or not to move forward with the business idea. Read the case study “Trailer Walla: Evaluating an Opportunity” in Chapter 4 of the textbook. Answer the following standard feasibility questions below based on the Trailer Walla case. Is the benefit or return worth the time, effort, and money needed to build the business? What risks or obstacles are involved, and can these risks or obstacles be eliminated or mitigated? What operational processes are needed, and what control systems are necessary to meet industry and internal expectations? What resources are needed, and where will the resources come from to optimize the success of the business? (Answering these questions comprise a standard section of a business plan.) In constructing your case study, follow the instructions below. Include your explanations for each of your answers. Using business theories and concepts, identify two next steps that Ramesh should take to determine if they should continue building this business idea. Explain the reason you selected these two next steps and what would be accomplished by following through on these steps. Summarize your preliminary feasibility analysis by recommending a business model for Ramesh’s business idea. (Identifying a business model is a standard part of a business plan.)

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